The governor of Florida considers WWE a ‘must-do business’

  • This is definitely huge for WWE and its upcoming shows!
  • The mayor of Orange County confirmed this at a news conference Monday


Changed 14 Apr 2020, 05:45 IST

This is huge news for WWE“/>
This is huge news for WWE

When it was announced more than a week ago that the state of Florida would enter a lockout, many thought it was Of the WWE Will be forced to go on a short break. The COVID-19 epidemic has forced a number of businesses and sports leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB, to stop their activities. WWE, however, still went ahead and delivered WrestleMania 36 and its episodes ‘R’, NXT and SmackDown.

Orange County Florida Mayor Mr. Jerry L. Demings was asked this question at his press conference Monday where he Sure That WWE has been considered ‘Essential Business’.

“Initially there was a review that was done and initially it was not considered an essential business,” Demmings replied. “These were considered to be an essential business through some conversations with the governor’s office regarding the governor’s orders. Therefore, they were allowed to remain open.”

It was Report Earlier that WWE will be filming their show live later this week.

Mr Demings was asked to confirm about WWE that an on-screen talent, who is not part of the active roster, tested positive for COVID-19.

The mayor replied,

“For those who have tested positive for specifications related to Resistance Personality, I do not know the specifics of this because of HIPA law.”

“However, it is like a small family. Wrestling is a small family of professional athletes. And if any of my family members had a positive test in my house, it would be for me. We need to put some measures in place to make sure the rest of us are not infected. So I would assume that, from a business perspective, WWE is doing this national analysis about its own family. “

WWE has talent Enhanced The virus and that person’s condition are also known to be very good at the moment.

The WWE Performance Center has been hosting weekly events with no live audience since the epidemic began to take on daily activities. This year’s WrestleMania, which operated for two days, originated from the facility in Orlando, Florida.

It will be interesting to see how this news is received around the world because many are asking the wrestling business to take a brief break until the situation is resolved.

Published April 14, 2020, 05:37 IST

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