The joy of Mickelson’s Masters defeated Klopp’s Dortmund Byrne and the shameful Kronje lost the top post

  • Phil Mickelson achieved his August national destination with a Masters win in 2004, when this day boasted mixed feelings for Borussia Dortmund.


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Mike Ware assists Phil Mickelson in his master’s green jacket

As Jজrgen Klopp awaits Liverpool’s 2019-20 Premier League coronation, he can probably look back fondly on this day in 2012 when he came close to glory with Borussia Dortmund.

The BVB was involved in a big news story just five years later when their players were shocked by a bomb attack on their team bus before the Champions League game.

Phil Mickelson earned his first major golf title at the Masters in 25, and South African cricket fell on this day at 26.

We look back here at the standout sports moments that occurred on April 11th.

2000 – Disgraced Kronje loses South African captaincy

Hansi Kronje was one of the best cricketers in South Africa and one of the most popular figures in the country. His life was exposed in 2000, when it was revealed that he had been corrupted.

Within a few days of the first claim arising, he was removed from India as captain of South Africa on April 7, 26.

Kronje at first denied the wrongdoing, but later came out clear, revealing the depth of dishonest match-fixing.

He was banned from cricket for a lifetime and died in a plane crash in June 2002. Yet to many in South Africa, Cronje is still fondly remembered.

2004 – Mickelson’s Masters

Lefty had been a mainstream contender for several years and was finishing second and third place, so he was now a junior.

At age 33, it finally came when the American first named the Green Jacket, defeating Ernie Els with a shot at The Masters.

For Mickelson, it was his first win on August 3, the third of which came on April 27, when a finished 67 saw John Mickelson win 3-hole leader Lee Westwood by three points.

212 – Klopp’s Dortmund Pip Byrne to move to the Bundesliga River

It was Klopp’s golden age in Dortmund, as the BVB supported their 20-1 Bundesliga title campaign as a double-win season.

The 1-0 win over Bayern Munich on April 8 was a pivotal moment as Dortmund saw the Bavarians clear six points at the top of the table.

The only goal came in the second half with a sweeping backhill from Robert Lewandowski, who would join Bayern two years later in the great snatch of Diana Rotten.

Bayern had a late chance to draw level under Jup Heynckis during this 202 game, but Arjen Robben was saved on penalties.

A month later Dortmund defeated Bayern 3-2 in the DFB-Pokal final with Lewandowski getting a hat-trick and they won the league by eight points.

2017 – Dortmund trembles at bombing

The whole of Europe was shocked by the three blasts on the Borussua Dortmund team bus shortly before the Champions League home match against Monaco.

Dortmund defender Mark Bertra was injured, suffering a broken wrist and arm and had to undergo surgery, and there is no relief that no one was killed. The team hotel also injured a police motorbike escort aboard a pipe bomb blast in the Hedget on the side of the road.

Various terrorism theories were raised and investigated before an individual was arrested and later convicted of assault, conspiring as part of a wider, derivative-based, financial fraud.

The 26-year-old German-Russian man was jailed for seven years after pleading guilty to 25 counts of attempted murder.

Published April 11, 2020, 11:30 IST

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