The Lakers are connected through a virtual workout

  • Robbie Pelinka talks about the Los Angeles Lakers’ camaraderie, when there was a social distance due to COVID-19.


Modified 09 Apr 2020, 04:50 IST

Rob Pelinka

Rob Pelinka, vice president and general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Operations, says the team will stay connected and fit through a virtual workout between the Coroner virus epidemic.

The NBA, like many sports around the world, has been suspended because of CVD-19, which has killed more than 520 people worldwide, with more than 1,3,3 confirmed cases.

It remains to be seen when and if the 2019-20 NBA season – which was postponed last month – will resume in the coronavirus crisis.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the league would not be able to make a decision on the season until at least May.

In the meantime, LeBron James and the Lakers – who have been at the top of the Western Conference prior to the suspension – have been close during the social distance.

“For the boys, we work hard with our strength and conditioning staff to make sure the zoom workouts are where their fitness bundles are provided,” Pelinka told reporters at a conference Wednesday.

“It’s a team that just loved being together, whether on the bench, on the bus, in the locker room. These guys have great chemistry with being together.

“So they have tried to stay as connected as possible in a way that works effectively together.”

Pelinka added: “I think at this point we all need to live with hope, and we must live with faith, faith and courage and those qualities because it is really, really hard and dark for the world.

“And so I’m going to choose to fix most of my thinking that we’ll have a chance to finish the season. I think that will be a great thing for us.

“But we also know that this situation is much bigger than basketball. The reason I hope not to get personal is just that, it’s more that I think it could be the best thing in the world, to go back to Nelson Mandela. I say: I think sports can be really powerful “”.

At the close of the league on March 8, the Lakers (1-4) had a better record than just the NBA-leading Milwaukee Bucks (8-12), and Pelinka said: “It almost looks like our season is a continuous test and we get a lot and we I got some A-plus and some A-minus And I think it’s been a lot of success.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to give the final exam yet. But that doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate the way we have achieved so far.”

Published 09 Apr 2020, 04:50 IST

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