The legendary WWE tag team has revealed his inspiration for breaking the sand character.


Retrieved 02 May 2020, 11:43 IST

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The role model reveals how big her inspiration was

Since taking on the role model personality, SmackDown Women’s champion Bailey The career has revived. After opening her Hager game, Belle went on to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship and is currently the longest-running female champion in the history of the Blue brand.

Nowadays, Belle rarely even broke Kaifa on social media but tonight, The Roll Model did it to reveal who her real inspiration was.

SmackDown Women’s Champion submits legendary tag team, Hardy Boys, As his inspiration to become a WWE Superstar. The role model revealed that the story of Jeff and Matt Hardy inspired her to start training as a teenager to become a WWE Superstar. You can see the tweets below.

SmackDown has been promoting videos of Jeff Hardy’s journey in recent weeks. Charismatic Enigma has had a turbulent past and he is about to free himself from the mistakes he has made. He and his brother Matt, as the Hardy Boys, became trailblazers when it came to the tag team division and went on to achieve unique success.

After returning to the WWE at WrestleMania 33, they won the RAW Tag Team Championship the same night. They also won the tag team title on SmackDown but Jeff Hardy suffered a knee injury that kept him away for so long.

When Matt Hardy left the company to join UU, Jeff returned to the Blue Brand on the March 13 episode of this year and defeated King Corbin.

Jeff Hardy and Sandy on SmartDown

Currently, Belle is embroiled in a feud with Tamina and the two will face off in the Money in Bank PPV with the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line.

Jeff Hardy is scheduled to return next week and has caught Shims ’attention. The Celtic Warrior is unhappy that people are talking about Carlastic Enigma and has revealed that he will be appearing next week when Hardy returns. These two guys could also be involved in a match at MITB.