The MLB 2020 draft has reportedly been shortened from 40 rounds to five


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 05:38 IST

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The MLB is cutting its amateur draft from 40 rounds this year to five years, according to figures that have saved the parties about ৩০ 30 million, multiple reports said.

The decision follows a March 26 agreement between the MLB and the Players’ Association that allows the MLB to determine the length of this year’s draft.

A possible ten-round draft was discussed this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, but the parties could not reach an agreement on the proposal.

Shortening the draft to five rounds means only 160 players will be drafted and the total value of their signature bonus pools is $ 235,906,800. Signed bonus pool amount eliminated 29,578,100.

As part of the deal, all amateur players who become unexpected in 2020 will be able to sign for a maximum of 20,000. Teams can sign an unlimited number of illegal players, but the decision will likely prompt more high school players to go to college.

The draft was cut into 50 rounds in 1998 and 40 rounds in 2012. This year’s five-round draft will be held at 10-11.