The Niners are in a hurry to sign a new deal with Trent Williams after the trade.


Retrieved 26 April 2020, 17:06 IST

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The new recruit of the San Francisco 49ers is Trent Williams

General manager John Lynch said the San Francisco 49ers will not rush into any decision on offering newcomer Trent Williams a contract extension.

Left-tackle Williams was traded to the Ninners from the Washington Redskins on Saturday.

Williams, in the final year of his contract, arrived on the same day as Joe Staley announced his retirement after 13 seasons with San Francisco.

Williams did not make the NFL last year due to a dispute with the Redskins, who won the fifth round pick in the draft this season and the third round pick in 2021.

The Niners are excited to land Williams, who lost to the Kansas Chiefs in the Super Bowl in February, but are in no hurry to sign the 31-year-old on a long-term deal.

Lynch said: “I think the plan was to land him now and then do the rest of the work himself.

“I think it’s always an advantage when you bring someone into the building on your roster. Now you’ve got a chance.

“We’ll really keep an eye on him to see where the rest of our team is, but at the moment we’re just satisfied that we’ve been able to pull it off at the right time.

“You’re losing a great player like Joey in a very critical position. He was available right then. I think we’re very fortunate to be able to come down to him to be able to limit everything and we’re very excited about him.”