The Premier League hopes to end the season with the ‘Home and End’ games


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 23:58 IST

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The Premier League hopes the season will end with games being played indoors and outdoors rather than in neutral places when the campaign resumes next month.

Despite a temporary suspension from March, all 20 clubs behind in playing the rest of the Premier League are committed to ending the season.

However, it is believed that the following six clubs are against the plan to do it in a neutral place, believing that it will put the clubs in a competitive fight.

The British government unveiled its plans to exit the lockdown on Monday, when the Premier League held a virtual meeting on its project resumption plans.

Chief executive Richard Masters has revealed that the league has listened to clubs that want to play games at home and abroad rather than on neutral sites.

He said: “Everyone would love to play at home and out if possible

“It’s clear that some clubs feel more strongly about it than others. It’s an ongoing dialogue and we’ve been talking to the authorities about how we can get the Premier League back and manage it, and we’ve taken all that advice on board.

“We are working in tandem to create a responsible, secure and deliverable model for the completion of the season.

“No decision will be made after we talk to the players and managers and until these meetings are scheduled later this week.”

The Masters, however, revealed that the possibility of closing the season without finishing the games was discussed.

“This is the first time we’ve discussed cartel – it’s still our goal to finish the season, obviously, but it’s important to discuss all options with our clubs,” Masters added.

“All I can say is that all of the discussions were about the end of the season. No conclusions have been reached about any other model. Those could be our future conversations.”