The Premier League’s June 12 target return date could be pushed back


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 23:54 IST

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Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said there would be flexibility with the June 12 resumption target.

The return of England’s top aircraft in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic was an important step as clubs unanimously voted to approve training in small groups from Tuesday.

Despite reports of conflicts of interest between the 20 parties over various aspects of the “project resumption”, it was agreed at an early stage to resume action.

Players have to maintain social distance during training sessions in small teams, but communication work is not allowed yet.

The first batch of Masters Carnavirus exams should be explained by 14:00 local time on Tuesday, after which training can begin.

He also addressed the target start date, stressing that the stone had not been laid on June 12 and that concerns would be considered as to whether players would be able to play by then.

“Next week we are going to discuss the full communication training protocol,” Masters told reporters.

“Once you know when you can start full communication training, and we’ve had a proper discussion about how much you need to build a fitness level before you start playing with clubs, you’re sure to know when the season will start?

“We haven’t changed the start date; we have to be flexible about it. What we don’t want to do is constantly remove that date.

“So, we haven’t changed it but we have to be flexible and acknowledge that we have come to the process step by step.

“June 12 was a staging post; it was not a firm commitment. We know there needs to be a discussion, depending on when we can start full communication training.

“We have to continue a process before we reach this stage.”