The president of Amiens plans to take legal action against the League 1 release


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 16:48 IST

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A scene from Amiens fans

Amiens president Bernard Joanin is planning to take legal action over his decision to return the club from Ligue 1.

Last month, the Ligo de Football Professional (LFP) confirmed that the final position was decided on a points basis in each game after French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe banned all sporting events in France until September due to the Carnavirus epidemic. The league was not possible.

The decision implies that the amulets were rehabilitated alongside the tullez, with Laurent and Lens promoted from the second level.

Joanin initially responded to the announcement by saying that Amiens had reserved the right to appeal against the decision, marking the verdict as an “injustice” when they still had 10 games left to play.

The club also asked fans to sign a petition asking them to “seek justice”.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Joanin has now confirmed that she plans to take her challenges to court and is confident of success.

“We are fighting. This fight, we are fighting this injustice,” he said.

“We consider this decision to be against justice in sports. It is a decision approved by the league. I repeat, this decision is unfair. The championship is 36 games.

“We are forced to go to court. The legal argument is in our favor. I am sure that justice will prove us right.”

“We are determined to uphold the fairness of the sport, even if we have to go through the courts. Now is the time for humanitarianism and justice to take precedence over other interests.”