The published WWE Superstar begins the countdown to the next step


Retrieved 27 April 2020, 00:21 IST

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Vince McMahon

Carl Anderson A footprint to go back has been teasing NJPW Since its WWE release. The former tag-champion has now begun a countdown to the day he is released from the non-competitive genre.

Anderson, now going by the name of Machine Gun again, said he has 82 days left until he joins another company.

This is not the first time Anderson has broken his silence since his release. He was among the 20+ superstars released by the WWE on the public tour and within hours he was teased for the move to return to the NJPW.

For AJ Styles, He is still at WWE and will continue to work at the company. He said he would continue to wear OC merchandise even after his teammate was released. I’m talking Recent flow in his mixer, The phenomenal one says:

“I’ll be wearing my OC stuff, at least until I have money in the bank, for a number of reasons, one, I love boys and it’s for life, the other reason is I really have nothing, I have gloves, they have a lot of OCs, they Just going crazy to waste nothing. I don’t know what to do with them “”