The Rams WR trades Texas for the kitchen

  • The Los Angeles Rams are reported to have traded wide receiver Brandin Cook to the Houston Texans.


Modified April 10, 2020, 05:46 IST

Brandin Cooks

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks is known for his speed and has confirmed that the Los Angeles Rams have made a lot of progress lately by trading to the Houston Texans.

ESPN said the Rams have agreed to trade Cook for the second-round pick for Texas while sending a future fourth-rounder to Houston, ESPN said. The Texans are the fourth team that Cook has played in his six-year career.

He will help fill the void left in the Texas shock business of superstar receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who sent in the Arizona Cardinals last month to return David Johnson and two draft picks.

Cooks spent his first three seasons with the New Orleans Saints before his deal with the New England Patriots before the season began. He spent a season in New England and traded to the Rams in April 2018.

Los Angeles signed a $ 81 million contract extension to Los Angeles by 2021 before he played a game for the team.

The Knicks had their fourth 1000-yard season in 2018, but averaged 583 yards last season with a career-low 42 receptions and two touchdowns. He also missed two games in the concussion issue

Published April 10, 2020, 05:46 IST

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