The Rangers would love to take second spring training at the new stadium


Retrieved 20 May 2020, 11:54 IST

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Although the Texas Rangers have never played a game or played an organized workout at their new 1.2 billion stadium, they would prefer to train there instead of returning to Arizona whenever it’s time for spring training.

If the MLB and Players Association can come to an agreement, the season could start in July. It will be before the second spring training and teams can have it at their home ballpark or at spring camps in Florida or Arizona.

“Our choice is to stay here in Texas and do spring training 2.0 or whatever, you want to mention it,” Rangers president and general manager John Daniels said Tuesday.

“So, if it’s held, we’ll camp here in Arlington.”

Regional, Arizona complex would not have had more than one Rangers field available, the new stadium would have provided other resources and many more facilities.

“A critical piece here is being able to accommodate people responsibly and securely, and we will have more or less space than anyone else. And there are new, clean, sophisticated facilities,” said Daniel Mo.

Training in Texas could save the Rangers from the scorching heat of Arizona, where manager Chris Woodward is still there. He was already talking about extreme temperatures last week when he expressed his preference for workouts in Texas.

“We have more space here, of course there’s indoor space then and then, when you look at the reality of the weather in Arizona … yes, you have six and a half fields, but when are you really using 115? [degrees] Out? “Daniel said.

“I don’t think more field benefits could have benefited us. That kind of role played a part in our decision to stay here.”