The ‘role model’ Henderson deserves whatever he gets

  • According to former Liverpool teammate Steven Gerard, Jordan Henderson is “absolutely deserving” of every praise he has won.


Changed 16 Apr 2020, 16:50 IST

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

Steven Gerard has praised Jordan Henderson as a “role model” for participating in charity funding to provide healthcare in the UK during the virus epidemic.

The Liverpool captain has been credited with taking a leadership role in the #PlayersTogether initiative to see how Premier League players donate funds to NHS charities.

Henderson’s leadership qualities have also been clearly evident on the field since Gerard was taken over as captain in 25, nothing more than a tenure before the Coronavirus-force stop.

And Gendard, who has played in four seasons alongside Henderson, praised the 29-year-old for being tall in time at Anfield.

“I remember he came to Liverpool as a shy boy from Sunderland and his family told me to look after him and look after him,” he told Sky Sports’s The Football Show.

“He was a very selfless person, the pitch was in and out. He dreamed of playing because of his strength. I’m definitely one who always sang his praises because I admire the work he did on the team.

“I think he is good and advanced from a football standpoint but as a person, I think what he has done over the last few weeks spends enough on people’s minds.

“He is a great man and he has become a top-class midfielder. He deserves what he achieves in sports and as much as he is admired. He is ideal for a lot of young kids.”

Henderson picked up the Champions League trophy last season and helped Liverpool open a 25-point lead at the top of the Premier League this season.

The iconic midfielder Gerard has downplayed his former club’s recent success in their mental strength and has endorsed them in a series of silverware victories.

“They were phenomenal for a couple of years. I thought they were very unlucky not to be champions last year – it was down to how good Manchester City was,” he said.

“They just seem to be getting better and stronger every single year. One of the important things that I take away from me playing is their mental strength across the board.

“We had some good professional and mentally strong players in our squad, but it looks like starting from number one in the squad to number 26, they are all monsters and all on the same page.

“Having a team that has this mentality in everyone, I’m really looking forward to seeing them in the coming years as they have a great opportunity to be a very successful Liverpool team.”

Published April 16, 2020, 16:50 IST

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