The San Francisco 49ers are looking to trade WR Marquez Goodwin


Modified April 21, 2020, 05:56 IST

Marquez Goodwin of the San Francisco 49ers

John Lynch, general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, confirmed that Marquez is on the Goodwin trading block and the wide receiver came close to dealing a few times.

Launching a conference call with reporters Monday, the launch was asked to address a report by Michael Lombardi stating that the 49ers had made Goodwin, Dee Ford, Quan Alexander and Jakisky Tart available for business.

Lynch admits that Goodwin’s name was in fact involved in trade talks.

Lynch said, “Marquez is the only person in the group that you mention has an active discussion going on.” “Other guys, we love and are really looking forward to playing with it going forward.”

The 26-year-old Goodwin, who has two years left on a contract to give him a whopping $ 10 million, received 12 receptions for 18 yards in nine games last season before missing the injured reserve and losing to the NFL in San Francisco. Super bowl

The third-round pick of the Buffalo Bills, at 25, Goodwin signed with five people as a free agent on March 29 after spending his first four years at Buffalo.

The 20-season season ended as the best of his seven-year career, as he finished with 56 receptions and 962 yards of individual bets.

Lynch says Goodwin has been traded almost a few times and his days in San Francisco seem to be numbered.

“There is a scenario where Marquis can help us,” said Lynch. “He brings a lot to the table, so we’re in talks.

“It came around a few times. There are different aspects of being able to close those deals, and he’s a guy, because we know he has value, we hang out and we’ll see if anything happens here.”