The stars return to the salute of South Korean baseball


Retrieved 05 May 2020, 18:20 IST

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Kim Ho-Yun of LG Twins

Baseball was staged behind closed doors in South Korea on Tuesday after weeks of uncertainty amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The first major professional competition of the Korean baseball organization has been going on since the Kovid-19 crisis.

Five matches were played on the late opening day of the season, including a 6-2 defeat to champion Dusan Bears against LG Twins in Seoul, including a 2-2 defeat to champion Dusan Bears.

Arriving on Instagram after the game, callus twins Cassie Kelly posted a picture with the caption: “When they tell you it’s opening day! Thank you for the start. Twin fans around the world # fight”.

In Guangzhou, Qum Heroes beat the KIA Tigers 11-2, with NC Dinos Dagge sending a message of thanks to the frontline staff on the stadium screens, beating the Samsung Lions 4-0.

The Hanwa Eagles won 3-0 at Incheon’s SK Waverns, where the outfield seats were covered by banners showing fans in Waverns caps and masks.

The Lotte Giants won 7-2 against Katie Weiss due to a more brief suspension for the return of baseball to Suu Kyi after the weather.

“After an extra week of waiting and a 722-minute rain delay, we finally got to play an important game today!” Kalsi Dan Straley said on Instagram.

As fans were not allowed to attend, venues were filled with cardboard cut-outs for spectators who were all forced to wear masks.

Players and coaches all had to go through strict screening protocols before entering the field and all umpires, first-base and third-base coaches must wear masks.

The KVO season was postponed in March but South Korea has encouraged recent signs of tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

The country’s latest figures on Tuesday showed only three newly confirmed cases and two deaths, taking the total number to 254 out of 10,804 positive tests.

The K-League football season is expected to resume on Friday.