The story of how Inter Milan star Suli Muntari failed in Saudi Arabia and why Al Ittihad could not learn from it

Al Itihad’s capture of Suli Muntari was understandably labeled a coup.

Interest from preferences Shachalke, Everton and Major League Soccer In July 2015, the two-time AFC Champions League winners embarked on a journey to win the 2009/10 UEFA edition in Inter Milan.

Yet within a year, this union will come down to a brief, costly dispute over jibs and a The two-year deal, notably, a whopping 14 14 million That will be Punishment is ultimately the cause by FIFA.

Here is a summary of how the 4 bar-capped Ghana midfield batter spread in Jeddah and the tolerable lessons – As has been made clear in an interview published this month by President Anmar al-Haili – which is not stumbled upon by any stumbling Saudi professional league giant.

A “new chapter”

Summer 2015 has promised a fresh start for Muntari.

The promotion of former AC Milan teammate Filippo Inzaghi as head coach proved that he was favored in 2014/15 and decided by mutual consent. “Melt Player Agreement” There is one year left

Thirty-year-old weak, however, remained greedy. He played a key role in Portsmouth’s shock during the 200 Pre / 06 FA Cup and was a reliable foot soldier in Jose Mourinho’s all-time winning internship, where he was not surprised after 355 appearances in various Premier League and Serie outfits.

Reunion with close friend Kevin-Prince Boateng – The pair were disrespectfully sent home from Ghana’s Final World Cup 2014 camp after separate incidents. – The shawl didn’t come at all. Overtures about an English return were ignored.

Kingdom will point, instead.

“A new chapter in Etihad,” He said GHANAsoccernet In July 2015. “It’s a new one, say it’s not a fight, it’s a new challenge for me.

“Especially Saudi Arabia and Jeddah are coming to play for Ittehad. I can’t wait to stay there.

“I don’t want to spend the holidays there, I want to work really hard for Ittehad to win the trophy. We want everyone to come to the stadium this year, so it’s always full and helps them win trophies to make them happy.

“Inshallah, we want to win a lot.”

Suli Muntari (c) tries an acrobatic volley vs. Najran as compared to August 2015 (EPA).

International faces were no strangers to one-story clubs in Asia.

Majestic Italy and AC Milan midfielder Roberto Donadoni sparked his illustrious career there with 199/2000 titles, and Brazil’s sixth all-time top scorer, Babeto, hung the boot in Etihad in 2002. Muntari’s colleague, inter-veteran Mohammed Callon, played an inspiring role in the 2005s. ACL victory.

Portugal superstar Luis Figo – with another man Nerazzurri Relationships – After a deal was struck with the Tigers’ shirts in January 2007, then-chairman Mansour al-Balawi described it as “one of the biggest deals in the Middle East”. This attachment Eventually fall into it.

One The tangled move for KPB was also scrapped in August 2015, In the anti-medical report. It left a foreign square left for 2015/1 for, including Australian skipper James Trosey, incoming Venezuelan striker Jelmin Rivas and Romanian playmaker Lucian Sanmartian, finishers in fourth place in the previous campaign.

Muntari joined the Ittehad, although he won eight SPL crowns in 2008/09 and became one. Painful divorce In 2013 – plus, the next return – due to administrative problems from the club’s hero Mohammed Noor to Al Nasser.

Romania’s great Laslo Bolonio was fresh in the dugout. An 11M The head coach of May 2010 only lasted until October 2015, King Abdullah indicated four months after the departure of Victor Piturka through the rolling doors of Sports City.

A dream split

So, what exactly went wrong?

Panchi Claims and Counter Claims – Led by former President Ibrahim al-Balawi – Guntari avoided the blame for his decision to unilaterally cancel his contract after a no-show at July 2011’s Muntari training. But that can’t be controversial FIFA decides to order 5 million m (20 million riyals) from Etihad in September 2013 For salary arrears, an amount Arriyadiyah The states of the newspaper were submitted in July 2018.

In the pre-season, a hashtag mocked Muntari’s fleshy appearance, According to Eurosport Arab. His performance review among Ittehad trustees was not very kind, although two goals from 16 SPL run-outs helped them to third – the highest finish since 2010/11.

Respected statistician Wyscout The 2015/16 edition ranked him as the 16th best defensive midfielder. Only 15 teams took part.

It was a long time ago The 2018 340 million cash feeling of the General Sports Authority of May 2018 has increased the level of competition in one push through the enviable collection of world stars.

Only Muntari will be able to comment authentically on how much the off-field fields have affected his field field displays.

There was a joke about a “stagnant” Muntari to switch to the Chinese Super League’s Beijing Guan Carried out in January 2016 by Cohesive GHANAsoccernet. He apologized for “verbal exchanges” with disgruntled fans during a 2-1 win over al-Shabab before climbing over King Abdullah a month ago. According to Arriyadiyah.

There were some happy moments for Sully Muntari, such as the August 2015 image on the Al Raid Show (EPA)

There were some happy moments for Sully Muntari, such as the August 2015 image on the Al Raid Show (EPA)

Of course the March trademark pile driver was in the top corner in Uzbekistan’s locomotive Tashkent vs. 1-1 ACL draw. He also started both games as Etihad made a domestic double against final runners-up Al Hilal.

On April 30, 201, Muntari came to Al Nasser halfway through the 3-1 Kings Cup semi-final defeat. His final visit to the Etihad Match-Day squad was registered four days later when he had an unnecessary substitute in a 2-0 ACL win against Iran’s Sipahan which did not prevent him from being eliminated from Group A.

Arriyadiyah Claimed by June 2016 He was not satisfied with that Ittehad [Muntari’s] The technical level. ”Within a few weeks, he left arguing.

“I got some of my salary, but I didn’t get all my money, and I suffered a lot because of the salary delay, but I didn’t have a problem, although I could leave the team after three months because I didn’t get my salary. Salary, ” Muntari explained Al Arabiya In an explosive interview during March 2017.

This was the argument Etihad has refused. They will persuade FIFA though.

Headed to this lesson?

Muntari did not quarrel well.

He made more than 20 top-flight appearances at once after the glorious promotion of Inter / 2009/10 due to his will power.

He will be appearing in Serie A’s Pescara (201/1) and La Liga’s Deportivo La Coruna (2018/1 at). The six-month deadline before the arrival of January 2019 on the Segunda Division’s publicity-reading albasite went out of the game.

This systemic problem related to recruitment has destroyed their accounts.

The GSA had a debt of 82 82 million at the time of the giant mentioned two years ago, the largest of any Saudi club, according to Arab News.

Unpaid wages and transfer fees denied Etihad to compete for AFC club license In 2017 And 2018 ACL, Addition 201 // 1. There could be a three-point penalty in the SPL. This subsequent punishment has cost them top spot.

Final run out against Sullivan Muntari's (l) Etihad in April 2016 against Al Nasser (EPA).

The final run out for the Etihad of Suli Muntari (l) was Al Nasser in April 2011 (EPA).

“We are delighted with the generosity of his Royal Highness [Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud], ”A relief, then-President Nawaf al-Mukayaran said in an official statement in response to the May 2018 development.

“It helps all clubs build a solid foundation to move forward towards achieving their goals.”

This lifeline, however, has not been used effectively.

Etihad has registered 36 disabilities and 50 outings since the start of 2018/19, appointing five head coaches. Worryingly, in both areas of campaigning, they fought the first historic battle in their 92-year history.

When the 2019/20 SPL resumes, Proposed August 15, They will find a place and four points from being forgotten.

Leviathan Brazilian forward Romarinho and Moroccan defensive midfielder Karim El Ahmadi are in favor of rare success. Left-back Thiago Carletto, international Loni Valdivia, Australian center-back Matthew Jurman, veteran Chile playmaker Luis Jimenez and expensive Cape Verde winger Gary Rodriguez are some of the contemporary failures.

What then?

From Frank’s revelation to Al Hailey – who regained control in June 2019 MBC FM’s Fantastic ‘Open heart’ The program included a startling claim about the impact of these failed transfers.

He said: “Last season there was support from the Ministry of Sports for the club during the winter transfer and I don’t know how the previous board of directors dealt with it, as I assumed this responsibility on June 26, 2019 when we discovered that multiple financial files were not closed. These have increased the size of the debt by more than 200 million. “

He continued: “We are working to reduce the huge number, we have tackled four issues through the settlement which will reduce debt in the future and provide assistance from the current administration up to 32 million riyals, because the monthly salary of the revenue is not paid. Players. “

Other positive steps have been taken.

A moderate transfer window in January included a cut-price deal for hard-working Argentine midfielder Leonardo Gill from Rosario Central – a great Leveler scorer at Al Reid – and Tunisian forward Anis Badri of Esperance de Tunis. Former Al Nasser center-back Bruno Evini and former Manchester City striker Wilfrid Bonnie came on free.

Mixed results have been felt by this square, crucially, but none have been significantly linked to Etihad’s liability.

ArriyadiyahIt was also reported that the management has given the responsibility to coach Fabio Carrill to decide on the status of the players who will be dropped from the contract. It is a reflection of the talents of the Brazilians, and the background honored as multiple champions in the Corinthians.

Suli Muntari is competing with Sultan Mandash of Najran in January 2001.

Suli Muntari is competing with Sultan Mandash of Najran in January 2001.

Al Shabaab’s February 5-1 mall showed what can be achieved under the 46-year-old, who topped only four of the top planes.

There is still a lot of praise about Etihad. They reflect Jeddah’s rich history, boast a fan base and share their King Abdullah Stadium – shared with neighboring Al Ahly – is one of the best in Asia.

Muntari, however, gave a long list of harmful deals.

In this national public fashion, it is enough for a club to adapt once burned. Etihad, in isolation, now appears on the path to liberation.

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