The submission match has been added to tonight’s show


Retrieved 19 May 2020, 04:41 IST

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Natalia He has revealed that he will be revealed Shayna Basjalar In the submission match tonight. The former MMA star emerged victorious and the two clashed at WWU last week.

WWE has yet to announce the match on their social media account or add it to their RAW preview on the official website. To confirm the match, Natalia tweeted:

@CowbasBlacher, nothing burns my fire like a submission match. Tonight it’s me and you. We can recover some memories when we trained together a few years ago and you actually showed me some respect. Soon aw #rau @Wwe’s see you soon

The USA Network has cited and tweeted all the same but confirmed it. Shayna Basler has also responded and the match seems to be good and true.

Will WWW champion Asuk face off?

WWE seems to be making a fuss between the two right now as things got a personal backstage before last week’s match. It will be interesting to see if the WWE uses this controversy to place Asuk’s next opponent or if someone else plans to become the current WWW Women’s Champion.

Oski became the champion last week as Becky Lynch dropped the title due to a break from the ring. Man is going to be a mom in December and thus stay away from the WWE for a while.