The Super League is planning to start again from June 12 before the August Champions League final


06 May 2020, 18:00 IST changed

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Champions League trophy

The 2012-2020 Super League is expected to resume on June 12, with Turkish Football Federation President Nihat Ozdemir announcing that the Champions League final will be held in Istanbul in August.

Turkey’s top flight continued to play behind-the-scenes matches until March 19, when the competition was postponed amid pressure from player players’ union FIFPRO players during the coronavirus epidemic.

The board of directors of the competition called a conference on Wednesday to outline plans to re-launch the conference next month.

In a statement posted on the TFF website, Ozdemi confirmed that he would like to resume football in consultation with the Turkish Ministry of Health, UEFA, FIFA and Turkish clubs.

Despite the TFF’s “different scenarios” ready, the top four professional leagues and regional amateur divisions aim to reopen on a weekly holiday from June 12-15.

The decision will now rest with the Ministry of Health, which must firmly agree with TFF health officials before implementing the resumption plan.

The domestic leagues are expected to end before the Champions League is postponed, with the UEFA hoping to take place on 29 August.

“We want to turn the new time into an opportunity,” Ozdemir said.

“Therefore, we are confident that we will achieve this by respecting the decision with common sense, fulfilling all our personal and social responsibilities.

“Hopefully, we will finish our leagues in the best way by the end of July, we will play our trophies and we will lift the crown of the season by hosting the UEFA Champions League final in our country in August.”

When the competition was postponed, Trabsonspar was at the top of the Super League after 2rab matches.