The ‘This Day’ series is tapping into the Arabian Golf League archives

The UAE is broadcasting matches from the Pro League Arab League League Archives in a series titled ‘This Day’, where last season’s matches were broadcast live across the ALH on the @ALH YouTube channel

The matches are selected and promoted in which they were played on a date

Viewers enjoyed the series’ debut with the Al Ain vs. Shabbat Al Ahly Dubai Club replay on Thursday, April 26th – known as Al-Ahli from the 21st of the match week of the 26/1 season, from Al-Ahly to match-19 of the 2018/19 season. Dubai derby reconnects between Nasser and Al Wassal, while the next broadcast shows a similar match-week between Fujairah and Etihad Kalbah. The second game was displayed.

The sequel continued with the broadcast of Al Dhafra vs. Al Wahda Fix from season 3 // 9, though saw the replay of the Sharjah vs Al Wahda game on Tuesday, April 7/7, and Al Jazeera vs. Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club – then known as Al Ahli. – The 2015/16 match was selected for promotion April 10.

The YouTube stream provided by the UAE Pro League provides a live chat feature, allowing fans to engage in conversations about the match.

This campaign aims to allow fans the opportunity to enjoy match action while at home, as instructed by the UAE authorities’ efforts to limit the transmission of COVID-19 virus.

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