The UFC has always promised to give big names to Abu Dhabi with Khabib in mind

UFC President Dana White has promised that Abu Dhabi will see some big fights in the future – the name of Khabib Nurmagomedov is rarely found in the mouths of people in the Middle East.

Ahead of the much-anticipated UFC 249 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, White told UFC Arabic that the winner of today’s Interweight Lightweight title match between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gethsemane may be a UFC lightweight champion in the fight for unification.

Abu Dhabi.

“I don’t know what the landscape will look like when Khabib is ready to fight. I don’t know who
This Saturday is going to be a win that Khabib will face next time. We need to see how this thing works. It is

It could be in Abu Dhabi, it could be anywhere, “White told UFC Arabic.

“We are just fighting in Abu Dhabi and training the world
What an incredible destination to fight. For people in America, Australia, the United Kingdom, or anywhere
It could be that, being a fan of fighting, you have to watch the fight at some point in Abu Dhabi. Get over there,
Embrace culture, stay in gorgeous hotels, eat in incredible restaurants, it’s really great
Destination for fights.

“We have a five-year agreement with Abu Dhabi to fight in the Middle East. My incredible
Relationship with Abu Dhabi I will be there if I get a chance to do an event in Abu Dhabi. It’s a very well-educated market, fans love the sport, they get the game, they support the sport.

First and foremost, however, the Global Sporting Spotlight will fall on UFC 249 and White.
Promised fans are there to do a huge treat.

“The most watched is the main event. If you can’t do Ferguson vs. Khabib, fight
Make is Ferguson vs. Gatje. I absolutely, positively guarantee that you are going to be the main event
Ridiculous. I promise, ”he said.

“Sejudo vs. Dominic Cruz; Nagnau vs Rogensarik is a ridiculous heavyweight matchup. Jeremy
Stephens and Calvin Cutter are just incredible. I mean I can only continue. This is one of the best
Cards we’ve ever put together. And I guarantee you the facts will blow your mind. “

Catch UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Geithge on the UFC Arabia app on Sunday, October 10 from 2:30 p.m.

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