The winner of the former Money Bank to get the second important opportunity for unexpected guests to interrupt Trackal H’s 25th anniversary celebrations? (April 24, 2020)

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Retrieved 24 April 2020, 23:35 IST

Triple H has an important celebration“/>
Triple H lined up an important celebration

We are ready for this week’s episode SmackDown Which puts a lot of fun things in for us. From Bank’s money The much-awaited match to celebrate Triple H’s 25th anniversary with the selection Of the WWE, There are many things that will be unveiled in front of the blue brand this week. Additionally, the two superstars are ready to defend their titles tonight.

We look forward to the festivities and the dramatic results of the important matches where the strong are too much. WWE Champion Brown Strowman and WWE SmackDown Women Champion Bale are expected to be involved in a brawl with their ex-friends, but most of the tension seems to be waning at the moment. However, it won’t be for long.

In this article, we will take a look at the things that will be promoted in today’s episode of SmartDown. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

# 1 King Corbin Bank faces a draw in the qualifiers

Will King Corbin get a second chance to rewrite history?“/>
Will King Corbin get a second chance to rewrite history?

Back in 2017 Baron Corbin The bank won the money and planned to give cash to Zinder Mahal, who was in the match against John Cena at SummerSlam, in his contract. Unfortunately, Mahal pinned Corbin, who became the third wrestler in WWE history, for the opportunity to earn cash in his MITB contract.

MITB won the match and he won another shot from King Corbin Drew Gulak This week’s SmackDown superstars are gearing up for a qualifier that will mark the fifth entry in 2020 in the Money in Bank Ladder match in 2000. But it’s safe to say that Gulak has more momentum ahead of this tough fight.

This year, Corbyn fought the Roman Empire and was eventually beaten. After that, he had a brief breakup with Elias, but the WWW had to pull the plug on that rivalry. Although Gulak’s storyline with rising superstar – Daniel Bryan – thanks to the WWE simply might like Corbyn to enter the MITB match just to adjust things.