The WWE Farmer feared he might lose his eyesight against Triple H.


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Triple H.

Mick Foley And Triple H. ‘In its latest episode their legend discusses several moments from the rivalryWWE’s The incident spread, with Untold’s, fearing Foley’s eyes would close.

In early 2000, the three-time WWE Champion was about to retire after he began to show signs of numerous injuries to his body.

However, due to the dismissal of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for nine months after surgery on his neck, he decided to continue the performance to help the WWE, while the company’s most popular superstar was neutral.

It led to two view-per-view matches via the Royal Rumble Street Fight against Triple H earlier this year.

Foley reminded that he really thought he could lose his eyesight when his opponent made him stand for breeding on a set of thumbtacks.

“I think I closed my right eye as tightly as I could, and I literally thought to myself, ‘I could lose one eye চোখ but think of the pop!'”

WWE Untold: Triple H vs. Mick Foley

Triple H added that Mick Foley saw Mbers lying on the ring canvas with his eyebrows out with a thumbtack.

“We are the offspring of the joke, he lands, I cover him, I can see them. [thumbtacks] Sticking from his mouth. If I remember correctly, he had an eyebrow. “

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