The youngest goalkeeper in Europe’s top five leagues

  • April 15 marks the 15th year before James Von made the history of the Premier League Here we look at the youngest goalkeepers in Europe’s top leagues.


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James Vaughn scored his first ever Everton goal against Crystal Palace

James Vaughan will always look back with affection on April 10th, as he made history in the Premier League on that date.

Although his top flying career failed to remain airborne for a long time, it certainly started flying when he became the division’s youngest goalkeeper for Everton against Crystal Palace.

His achievement has lasted 15 years but as you can see below, it is not even close to being the longest record across Europe’s top five leagues.

Here are some of the youngest goaltenders to see in Bundesliga, Laliga, Ligue 1, Premier League and Serie A Enjoy the trip down your memory lane …

Bundesliga: Nuri Sahin (3y years old, 12d)

Date: 26/11/2005

Match: Nuremberg 2-1 Borussia Dortmund

Sahin became the youngest player in the history of the Bundesliga when he debuted on August 25 at 8 and 8 years and 7 days old. Just three months later, he was again on the record book, scoring the second goal of Dortmund’s 2-1 win after David O’Donorco put them ahead at Nornberg.

What happened next? Sahin’s first career in Dortmund was a promising one, but after a string of injuries between the unhappy mantras of Real Madrid and Liverpool, the situation became more difficult. He returned to Dortmund and the Bundesliga in 2014 and has been with Warder Bremen since 2018.

Laliga: Fabrice Olinga (16 years old, 98d)

Date: 18/08/2012

Match* Celta Vigo 0-1 Malaga

Olinga made Laliga history when she scored (rather convincingly) the only goal of Malaga’s 3-1 win at Celta. Rarely is the goal more important in the thighs than five yards.

What happened next? Oilinga left Malaga for Appleon Limassal on January 27, but spent much of the next year in Jolt Wargame and then on vitrillation. After a dispute with Sampdoria, Patriots Samuel Eto took the club to court for a dispute over player registration on behalf of Oling, Cameron International signing for Moussaqran.

Ligue 1: Richard Kravczyk (16 years, 3m, 15d)

Date: 08/09/1963

Match: 1-2 lenses of anger

Kryoskirk is the eleventh on the list of the youngest players in the post-war season, considering the youngest goalkeeper after helping the Lens win against the Angers on September 5 post.

What happened next? Kravczyk Metz, who is part of the proud tradition of Polish-born players of the Lens, spent five years in the first squad before returning to his old club for ১৯6 before playing for the Reims.

Premier League: James Wagon (7y years old, 277d)

Date: 10/04/2005

Match: Everton 4-0 Crystal Palace

In the 87th minute against Palace, von James Milner broke the record after controlling Michael Orreta and a teammate Cahill double Everton.

What happened next? ‘Passenger’ is a fitting description of Van’s career. The striker has played for 12 different clubs, with the exception of Everton – whom he officially put in the 20’s, having recently joined League One collector Tranmere Rovers on loan from Bradford City in January.

Syrian A: Amadeo Amadei (15 years, 287d)

Date: 09/05/1937

Match: Lucches 5-1 Roma

Amadeo’s record stands for 83 years which makes it a pretty remarkable feat (even though it’s a game Rome fans may soon forget). He remains the co-youngest player to appear in Serie A, the other being Pietro Pellegree.

What happened next? Amadei scored 111 goals in 234 games for Roma and is recognized as a true club. During his time with Atlanta, Inter and Napoli, whom he twice coached in the 1950s and early 1960s, he joined Italian football fame in 2018, five years after his death at age 92.

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