There is no forgiveness Paul Pogba is ridiculously nutmeg on his mother’s Instagram video


Modified April 22, 2020, 00:04 IST

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba showed his own mother “don’t pity” in a light-hearted kick-off during the lockdown.

The Manchester United star has been busy with a series of training videos on social media during the Premier League’s suspension due to the Cornwall virus pandemic.

On this occasion, it was a playful clip with his own mom so fans would get drunk.

In the video, Pogba accuses his mother of laughing before showing a drunk nut and getting drunk.

Below was a caption that read: “When your mom tells you she used to play soccer before, your parents love and spend time with them before they leave the world #

Pogba hasn’t played a competitive role since Boxing Day due to an ankle ankle injury, though the ongoing COVID-19 crisis could have prevented a possible comeback anyway.