There is no sure thing for Philip Rivers ‘not playing well’ for the Indianapolis Colts in 2019


20 Apr 2020, 17:32 IST changed

Philip Rivers in his last game for the Chargers

Philip Rivers’ worrying immersion in form for the 2019 season means his signature is no guarantee of success for the Indianapolis Colts, said Brian Baldinger.

The 38-year-old agreed to a $ 25 million one-year deal at Lucas Oil Stadium, leaving the Los Angeles Chargers in free agency after a season with the franchise.

Indianapolis hopes the eight-time Pro Bowler Rivers can provide a significant quarterback upgrade to their last year’s starter Jacoby Brissett.

But former Colts offensive lineman Baldinger, an NFL network analyst, believes that the previous promotion, when the Rivers were concerned for 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, was cause for concern.

Revers had 32 TDs and 12 INTs as part of a 12-4 promotion in 2018, just one year after the Chargers missed the playoffs and went 5-10.

Baldinger told Stats Performance: “He didn’t play well last year, and not to say that the offensive line was terrible, or that Darwin James started the defense with an injury in the preseason and an injury.

“All the stuff is true, but they won 12 games a year ago and have been a big part of it because Philip Rivers was really late in the game.

“After winning the playoffs against the Kansas City, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, late against the Baltimore Ravens, all these things were true.

“But he didn’t play late in games last year, where your quarterback promoted your team, he put you on his shoulder.

“You talked about the loss of Detroit last year, the loss of the Oakland Raiders, the loss of the Kansas City Chiefs, Philip Rivers’ interception. That was not a good decision.

“Is this just an outline of Philip Rivers, who is he? Because he doesn’t look good when you want to delay playing.

“I don’t know what you’re going to get, are you getting the 2018 Philip Rivers or the 2019 Philip Rivers? I still don’t know and I don’t think anyone knows.”