This is not a Ryder Cup without a fan – McElroy would love the suspension


Changed 22 Apr 2020, 05:58 IST

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Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy

Ronnie McElroy would like to postpone the Ryder Cup until 2021 this year, instead of playing without fans due to the coronary virus epidemic this year.

The Whistling Straits will host the event in September, just days after the rescheduled U.S. Open.

The PGA Tour plans to resume in June without the presence of fans as COVID-19 continues to impact sports around the world.

Northern Irishman McElroy has reported that the Ryder Cup will be postponed until next year, with no fans present.

“I’ve had a financial impact for everyone involved … but being a Ryder Cup without fans, it’s not a Ryder Cup,” he said during an Instagram live with TaylorMade on Tuesday.

“For me, I would rather delay the Ryder Cup game without fans on Vires Street than in 2020.

“It’s a European, knowing that I’m going to be abused in America. Obviously it would be nice to not be a fan of Europeans because the things you put in with you will not be dealt with in the slightest, but at the same time it’s not a Ryder Cup. It’s great. Not gorgeous, no environment.

“If it comes to them whether they want to play the Ryder Cup or not without the fans, I would say just delay it for a year and play in ’21.”

The 2022 Ryder Cup is expected to take place in Italy, with more than 24,600 dead in COVID-19 most affected countries.

Italy may be ready to spend more time behind this year’s event, says McElroy.

“If they were to have the Ryder Cup in Italy after ’21, and we know how much Italy suffered with coronavirus and Kovid-19, then that country would have given it an extra year to prepare for the Ryder Cup instead of ’23.” “He said.