This week (May 18, 2020) WWU got exactly 5 things

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WWE backlash can end up matching some of the best from RAW“/>
The WWE backlash could end some of the best matches from RAW

Monday Night RAW has promised several big matches and divisions this week as it seeks to boost WWE ratings and widen the road WWE backlash.

The biggest match of the night was announced last week, as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre posed a challenge to King Corbin on SmackDown. The two former partners clashed at the main event of the night.

Asuka celebrated an on-ring with her friend Kyari Sun after she was awarded the Women’s Championship last week. Bobby Lashley, who joined MVP last week, destroyed R-Truth again.

The Iconics competed for the chance to become the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, but their match ended in a disqualification after the Peyton Royals lost the cool.

The biggest sections of the night saw some big returns and surprises that will probably give the Red brand more entertainment in the coming weeks.

In this article we will get you exactly 5 things about this week’s episode of WWW.

Edge # 5 takes on Randy Orton’s challenge

The WWW backlash is just a few weeks away and WWW has received the right to book the event from the opening section of Monday Night RAW this week. Randy Orton And Edge Appeared on the show last week where Whiper made a strong excuse for his loss in Repermania 3 at and presented another challenge to the Rated-R superstar.

Orton appeared to continue the pressure on his former friendship for a match at Backlash this week, mocking Edge in the process of giving The Viper’s mind to games.

Rated-R superstar WWE takes on biggest challenge for backlash

Edge, however, was focused and knew exactly what he wanted by swearing Orton to explain what it means to love business. He accepted the Apex Predator challenge by promising to prove Orton wrong once again in the WWE ring.

While fans were ready to take on Orton’s challenge soon, the division was good enough to give the two some more spotlight before another big clash.

Edge and Orton have worked on behalf of the WWE since appearing on the show as much as they have been raising their ratings with its store power. This rivalry kept Orton away from the WWE Championship picture for some time as the draw continued as an influential champion of Drake Mantier.

The match may fall short of the “biggest wrestling match of all time” tagline, but it will definitely entertain the WWE Universe and give them what they are looking for.