Tiger completed an improbable comeback, ending the Five Nations all-square

  • In the sports world, April 14 will forever be linked with one of the biggest and most unlikely wins of Tiger Woods’ career.


Changed 14 April 2020, 11:30 IST

Tiger Woods celebrates his win at the 2019 Masters

April 14 is a date defined by the unexpected in the sports world.

From the unique version of one of Rugby’s most famous competitions, to Anilfield’s turnaround, the sporting events have taken their fair surprise by surprise.

It is a date that will forever be stuck in the memory of the greatest golfer of all time.

Here’s a look back at some of the best sporting moments to be held on April 14th.

1973: France’s failure confirms a five-way tie

April 3, 193 was the day when an anomaly of the long and storied history of the five and six nations was secured.

In a tournament that saw five teams fighting for success, Dublin came closer. After watching defending champions Wales in the previous match, France had a championship.

This win has enabled them to win the title as the only team. Victory at Lansdowne Road was needed to seal it but in extremely windy conditions it cost them incomplete T’s.

France claimed three penalties and a conversion to give Ireland a 4-0 win and each team finished with four points. The lack of a tiebreaker does not mean that five teams cannot claim a direct winner in the championship. If the point difference was the tiebreaker, Wales were again defeated.

2016: Klopp snaps Dortmund in return for the famous Liverpool

Six months after taking over for Liverpool, Klopp reunited with the club where he made his name in the Europa League quarter-finals.

The last eight matches with Borussia Dortmund were drafted after a 3-1 draw at Signal Iduna Park.

Dortmund were ready to make it to the semifinals, though Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-American Aubameyang led them 2-1.

Devoc Origi pulled Liverpool’s three minutes into the second half but Marco Reyes kept the tie in doubt, and his effort required a three-goal lead to overtake the Reds.

However, a low drive from Philip Coutinho gave Anfield hope and. Ma Mamado Sakho’s closest header in the 10th minute set the stage for a great finish. Dejan Lovren proved to be a potential hero when James Milner’s cross came home in the 7th minute.

Liverpool were named to defeat Villarreal in the semifinals, but were denied at Basel’s showpiece as Sevilla claimed a 3-1 victory.

2019: The Tiger Caps are back with a significant Masters win

The story of one of the greatest comebacks in the sport came to an end on this day in August last year.

Most were skeptical of whether Tiger Woods could regain his form which saw his 14 majors win after his documented back problems.

Nevertheless, Jack Nicklaus’ biggest challenger, the Biggest 7, put together one of the many record-keeping performances in history to win his fifth green jacket.

Woods began the final day with two strokes behind Francesco Molinari, but a fascinating final day saw him vigorously stand on the 15th.

Molinari sent his tee shot to the trees and then found water in a wrong place, eventually creating a double boozy.

In contrast, Woods was birding for a simple lead from two legs, shot with a sensitive T16 and put him on a short putt to facilitate two strokes.

It took years to make sure that any burden would be enough in the end, and it would not be the last time a steep slip-up, with Woods worried about his win, stood some chance of celebrating a victory by standing on the 18th green.

Published April 14, 2020, 11:30 IST

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