‘Tom Brady Best’ – Brian Baldinger disagrees with Terry Bradshaw on GOAT debate


Modified April 20, 2020, 00:32 IST

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Tom Brady has spent 19 seasons with the Patriots

Ty Brady’s accomplishments make him the best quarterback of all time, even if Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana disagree, said Brian Baldinger.

Bradshaw recently argued with six-time Super Bowl champion Brady as the best QB in the past five years, but in the all-time rankings, he will be the opposite of Dan Marino, Roger Staubach and Dan Fouts.

Brady joined the Tampa Buccaneers in free agency and is still going strong at the age of 12, with his six-ring win over the New England Patriots, and Bradshaw and Montana have two clear wins.

Former Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Aggies offensive lineman Baldinger, now an NFL network analyst, believes Brady’s long-running controversy should be resolved.

“Oh, he’s the best quarterback,” Baldinger told Stats Performance.

“Look, you get back from Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana and others because they played in different eras, where they didn’t guard the quarterbacks.

“They took nasty shots and all of that is true, but Tom Brady was sustainable every year but one, unbelievably durable.

“Yes, they changed the rules after he got hurt against Kansas City [in 2008], Under the knee and sprained his ACL and missed the rest of that year. However, that being said, nobody played at this level.

“He is 42 years old, in August he is 43 years old – no one has played this level of consistency as Tom Brady for so long.

“When is this ‘Tom Brady slide’ coming up? Just watch him throw football.”

“The way Jameis Winston made the trip to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin this year, I don’t know if he wanted to go. But when Josh Gordon came in this year, he threw a lot of passes and it was nice to see the ball go down the field.

“He can throw every one, and when you look at him, he’s just as versatile as the tech he throws football at.

“The debate will always go on, whether he is the best quarterback or not. I believe he is. He kept every record in the postseason, six Super Bowls – all of these things. You could just shut stuff down for a long, long time.”

Brady was famously drafted in ’12, and Baldinger, who found himself frustrated when he was in infrastructure in 1982, thought that after moving to Tampa, the Suns would still inspire the Cubs.

“There is no doubt that he is driven by that number every single day, and how many people have passed him,” Baldinger said.

“I was a free agent, Kurt Warner was a free agent, he was on the Hall of Fame. When you’re in the infrastructure, or you’re late like Tom Brady, you’re kind of thinking. So it literally keeps you in the league, what you do. Driven by

“Because even with the Patriots still split, he feels he still has to prove himself and that is the ultimate proof.

“What can he win and can he win a big win without Bill Belichick? The driving force behind all of this is being drafted in the 9th and there’s not always been a question.

“I think he’s the biggest draft steal in history, I know a lot of big players like Kurt Warner were undrafted who did a great job, but not in the Six Super Bowl championships.”