Tom Brady reacts to Rob Gronkowski trade: Run it again!


Changed 22 Apr 2020, 04:34 IST

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Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are about to reunite at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the former keen to “get it back” with his former New England Patriots teammate.

Just hours after Gronkowski hinted he could be out of NFL retirement, it emerged that the 30-year-old was indeed planning to return and became the subject of a trade between the Patriots and the Buckeyes.

The deal was quickly finalized on Tuesday, and Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhouse, confirmed that his client was leaving the books “physically pending.”

Then ESPN’s Adam Shafter said that Gronkowski had overcome his physical condition, paving the way for the Patriots to reunite with Great Brady in the Gulf of Torpa.

Patriots Gronkowski and seventh-round draft send to Tampa Bay in exchange for fourth round pick

The Patriots of the FC Championship Game uploaded a video of laughs by NFL official Instagram Brady and Gronkowski in 2019 to reach the Super Bowl LII after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs.

P. In this clip with Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy for Life’, Brady wrote in the comment: “The two” included the caption: “Play it again”.

Gronkowski first retired in March, shortly after Super Bowl LIII, when he won his third ring, and Brady is his sixth.

This last season was named to the NFL’s 100th Anniversary AllTime Team with Brady last year and is considered one of the best in the all-time position.

However, one hit meant he missed 20 regular season games during the first nine years of the NFL, all of which he spent in New England with Brady.

Gronkowski later said it was more of a mental toll than a physical fight, which forced him to call it a day.

Now, recently WrestleMania 36 – which won the WWE 24/7 Championship Belt earlier this month – Gronkowski is returning to the NFL to play with Brady again.