Top 3 Apps For The Modern Parents

Time has changed and so have parents with that because now there are Apps your parents will love.

Gone are the days when parents could pry on their kids. I mean today if a parent tells their kid that they cannot go out with their friends. they will certainly make sure that they hang out with their friends, whatever it takes. Until you are in the Asian because they know how to “discipline” a child.

However, today’s parents are the modern parents. They have access to the internet, Facebook, Instagram and yes, a lot of them are now interested in Snap Chat as well.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So the modern youth these days has modern parents. It actually evens the game!

Apart from socializing, parents have a lot of fear nowadays and that has obvious reasons.

If your 15-year-old is so heartbroken and is worried that she doesn’t have a guy to date, I guess your fears are quite right. Surveillance is a right of all the parents and if you talk about modern parents; they need to investigate better than FBI.

A jealous woman does the better investigation than FBI we all have heard it now imagine how a worried mother would dig up for information. It is going to better than any police force around the world.

We live in a world where there is a breaking news, every other hour. We have to look at emergencies, face them and deal with them. We aren’t secure, once we step outside our home sweet home.

That is why, parents have the right to investigate, look after you and question you. Your parents don’t care whether you like their sneaking in or not because they know they are doing right. So it is better to agree with the fact that modern parents are not being insecure, they are just worried.

So here are some amazing apps that can help the modern parents in different and unique ways. If you get time to dig out of that timeline you were stalking (and thinking that man is your daughter’s girlfriend) here is something to better to invest your time into.

1-Baby Monitor 3G:

This is the first ever baby monitor app (HD by the way), which can work on any device which supports video. It has been gathering huge admiration and is listed in the top 5 lifestyle apps in almost 100 countries around the globe. Now that is something, right? And you what? Almost one and half million modern parents are using this!

So what does it offer you?

  • Gives you HD video anywhere and everywhere
    • Clear sound
    • Amazing picture quality
    • Great power over LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi
    • Incredible Night Light
    • Parents can communicate with their Children in the actual time with actual voices
    • 13 different languages are available

2-Mom Maps:

So after Google Maps, we have this!

Whether you are getting bored within your home or you are outside with your kids, this map will tell you about places that are accessible to you and your kids. You might travel somewhere out-of-town and you feel like your kids need to get out of the car and catch some fresh air. This Mom Maps will be your definite savior. It will help you in locating the perfect type of grounds or parks for your kids in your existing or nearby locations.

So if your kids say that going out with mum is boring…get this app! Make them visit amazing places around the travel and you will certainly be better than daddy!

3-White Noise Baby:

A lot of Americans have been using the “White Noise” machine to help them fall asleep.

You get where I am reaching out to, right? Why can’t you put your cranky baby to sleep with the same thing?

Thanks to the creators of White Noise Baby app; you certainly can now. It is available for both IOS and Android users.
So what does this app do? It makes noises which help your cranky kid go to sleep.


So if you are modern don’t think that your parents can’t be.

These apps help parents to be much cooler in front of their children. You can simply put your baby to sleep (without getting annoyed at the peak), you can get the coolest destinations information within seconds (so that your children love hanging out with you) and you can monitor your sleeping baby at home, anywhere!

If you are still one of those parents, who are falling behind in the race of modernism; it’s time to buck up guys! Get some cool apps, rather than Facebook and Snapchat and get a life, more exciting and happening. And I am sure your kids will love your modernism with these apps. Plus, you won’t need to investigate them as well; they will simply be more friendly with you. better be friends rather than FBI, right?