Top fragile movies still in closed beta


Retrieved 19 May 2020, 12:00 IST


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In the case of strategic first person online shooters, dramatic movies are a great way to create several insane highlight reels. These packages showcase the player’s in-game skills and abilities.

Although this particular type of highlight edit was only known for the Call of Duty series, the genre soon split itself into CS: Geo, Overwatch, Fortnite, and now Valorant.

During the first month of the closed beta launch, the Valerant FPS took the community by storm. It became one of them Most viewed and sought after games In a very long time

Professional players and notable streaming personalities like Schroeder, Daphne, and Team The Tatman are piling montages over montages on their channel. They illustrate some of the unique things you can do in the game.

After the highlight reels, fragile movies are slowly turning to valence, and on our list, we’ll cover some of our absolute favorite topics.

1. Tim Liquid’s first valence fragile movie

Tim Liquid has shown some love to their valerant player in this fragile movie. Demonstrating outstanding talents such as ‘Tom 72hrs’, ‘Poach’, ‘Mendo’, and ‘Liquid J’, the video demonstrates incredible divisive skills from these players. They effortlessly remove some of the most stingy kills and one-taps.

2. Scream freak movie best of

The one-tap headshot machine is in it again but this time it is in Valerant. In this latest PINX-FX movie, we see Adil “Scream M” Benralitom doing what he does best.

He single-handedly destroys the enemy team and gets the clutch round after the clutch round. There are a few ACs here and there, as if it’s the easiest thing to pull.

3. Adult Swim Valerant Fruit Movie

The creator of the video, ‘Alex’ is not exactly a YouTube personality, but he seems to be a bit of a dab when it comes to creating montages and highlighting clips. In this video he demonstrates his amazing skill on the cipher and how effectively he can use it to gain control of the map.

4. Diyyo’s Valerant Fragile Movie

While the game was still new (about two weeks old), many FPS fan bases were curious about what the game was like and how the in-game mechanics played it. Daewoo was one of the first drawn movies to show his amazing goal about Jet and King there.

5. Tenzed Freak Movie

PHINX-FX’s first fragile movie was on TENZ and it was also the first place highlight reel to be released on any rated NA valence player.

The Tyson “TenZ” NGO is known for its point-point accuracy and the struts of the game. All the skills he has acquired in CS: Playing Valerant is helping him a lot G He has made up several insane highlight clips since the closed beta launch. You’ll see some of his best flazing skills in this highlight.

Fra. Frag Movie Highlights Mazarini

YouTuber Nikolai “Mazarini” Lazarev is slowly gaining a reputation as an amazing frog in Valerant. In his Fromovi montage he created several of the best clutch dramas and occasionally single-handedly eliminated opponents and turned the situation into a win-win situation.

7. Valuable- 2020’s best piece movie?

This video is one of the most recent Valentine Highlights clips from YouTuber Valerant Ready and features a YouTuber called Slodynamics. If you are looking for some of the best plays of Raje and Omen, this dramatic movie will give you covered.

It shows the player’s incredible skills for those two agents and how to use them effectively to get effective killing tactics.

. Wolves like me: A Valentine Movie

The wing of Tim Liquid It has its own channel, Where he uploaded his own fragile montage clips from the first weeks of the game. He wrote in the video description:

“This video shows a picture of my progress being able to play our first weekend, clips of the first few minutes or more of the first few games I play. This is the first piece of my Valentine content and I’m planning on streaming this every day off beta. When the beta is released, if you enable Drop and watch my stream, you have a chance to get a beta key. “

More insane montages in the future

Valerant is still very new and it is incredible how much popularity it has been able to gain in its first month of release. We wouldn’t be surprised if streaming platforms were filled with nothing more than game fragile movies in the near future.