Training camps like Colon Plan Isolation, Versatile Backtracks on Comments


Changed 04 May 2020, 04:38 IST

Bundesliga next to Cologne

The Bundesliga club is planning to move to Cologne “quarantine national” training camp after being hit by three positive coronavirus tests.

On Friday, three undefeated men at the club contracted COVID-19 contracts amid a coronavirus outbreak, which has brought the Bundesliga and the sport to a standstill worldwide.

The trio, consisting of two players and a physio, were asked to go 14 separate days as a result.

A decision was made on Wednesday about a possible reconstruction of the Bundesliga, and Cologne announced that they would move to a training camp in a safer location if politicians agreed to end the 2012-20 campaign.

“This form of voluntary isolation expands existing infection control and health concepts and can further reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19,” Colon said Sunday. “This action will be taken regardless of the result of COVID-19 test at FC.

“The DFL’s ‘Taskforce Sports Medicine / Extraordinary Matchday Operation’ concept has already provided that all teams go to the quarantine national training camp a week before the Games resume. FC, however, prefers team training to proceed at this time.”

The Cologne midfielder came in after a positive COVID-19 Test with Bigger Versatility Club after still expressing his concerns about training – although Belgium have apologized.

Verstrat spoke to Belgian TV station VTM and criticized Cologne for handling three positive cases.

After Colon reacted and rejected Worstrett’s comments, the 26-year-old said: “I gave an interview about my personal concerns about my girlfriend’s possible virus infection. I’m sorry about that.

“Instead of interviewing out of emotion I should have contacted our doctor and answered my question. It is not my intention to blame the responsible authority or Colon. I feel comfortable with the FC and am in good hands.

“I will continue to do my best in training … and I want to finish the season in Cologne. My girlfriend, who belongs to the risk group due to my heart disease, will go home to Belgium and stay there for that time.”