Travis Scott Skin, new emotes, FPS fixes and more!


Changed 21 Apr 2020, 12:33 IST

FortNet V12.41 Patch Notes“/>
Fortnite v12.41 Patch Notes

The Fortnite V12.41 update is out now and is available for download in yours Epic Games Launcher. The current update is essentially a content update, but there are a few issues that Epic Games developers promised to fix.

The following topics are addressed Fortnite v12.41 Update.

  • Midas’ Golden Touch appeared in low resolution at the bend of the weapon.
  • If you cancel Ready Up during the visit, then the UI disappears.
  • Double-clicking on items in the chest tab may cause the game to crash. (Creative)

The update takes us one step further in the Travis Scott event titled “Astronomical”. The stage is ready, but there are some new additions to the stage v12.41 Update.

Here is a leaked file from how the stage now looks after the update:

The new update also includes the Travis Scott Astronomical Concert Skin, which will be coming to the in-game item store shortly. New emotes in the “Icon Series” are also set to go out soon.

Here is an image that featured all the items leaked with the V12.41 update:

Credit: HYPEX on Twitter“/>
Credit: HYPEX on Twitter.

Leaked skins and emotes

A leak revealed a new Travis Scott Emot:

Like many skins that have unlockable styles, Travis Skin also has several challenges that players need to complete before unlocking selectable styles.

Credit: HYPEX“/>
Credit: HYPEX on Twitter

There’s another good news for players who already own Power Water Skin. 2000 V-Books A new selectable style for skin has also been introduced with the v12.41 Fortnite update.

Whenever a skin gets a selectable style, it is sure to be rolled up in the item shop the following days. If you enjoy this skin style, be sure to keep an eye out for the item shop to come out!

New power cord selectable style“/>
New power cord selectable style

Another skin rash was found to add a new blue skin to the game files and here’s what the skin looks like: