TSM-entity PUBG wins mobile tournament, Soul finishes second, Phonetic fourth


Retrieved 26 April 2020, 18:13 IST

TSM-Entity India Today PEBG Mobile League“/>
TSM-Entity Lifts India Today PUBG Mobile League

Trinity Gaming India hosted the largest, along with India Today’s news group PUBG Mobile Tournament – India Today League PUBG Mobile Invitational, where the top 20 Tier-1 teams competed to win the পুল 2.5 million prize pool.

The trophy is occupied by one of the most competitive teams in India – TSM Entity. The final results have come out and TSM-Entity has raised several expectations in India Today PUBG Mobile Invitational Tournament 2020.

Final points table and match statistics

Top 10 teams in points table“/>
Top 10 teams in the points table

The TSM-entity took the trophy to the winners by a huge margin on the points table. They got better than the other team in both kill points and place points. TSMXN-GATAC currently manages the team, which includes TSMXN-Jonathan, TSMXN-ClutchGod, TSMXN-Neu and TSMXN-ZGod. TSM-Entity is in ninth place in the last game of the tournament.

Tournament 11-20 Standings“/>
11-20 standing of the tournament

Team IND is third in the tournament with a total of 152 points. TSM-Entity won 252 points, and Soul and Phonetic finished the competition with 164 and 138 points, respectively. The statistics of the four matches of the final day are as follows.

First match – Sanhok

Winners: TSM (13 killed)

Second place: Magastar (8 murders)

3rd place: Fancy (5 kills)

The second match – Miramar

Winners: Soul (K killed)

Second place: 8 bits (11 kills)

Third place: IND (5 killed)

Third match – Weekend

Winners: UMEX (5 killed)

Second place: TSM (1K killed)

Third place: Godlike (5 killed)

Fourth match – Erangel

Winners: Elementrix (1K killed)

2nd place: UMEX (6 killed)

3rd place: Godlike (6 murders)

Summary of the final day

TSM-entity is the winner“/>
The TSM entities are the winners

The points table showed some fluctuations regarding the third and fourth positions. Until the third match, Team Soul was in third place and in fourth place after Fnatic. Team PHO was able to stay in the top 8 until the last game.

India Today Today Prize Pool PUBG Mobile Invitational 2020“/>
India Today PBG Mobile Invitational 2020 Award Pool

In the final battle, there was a fierce battle between TSM-entity and SynergyGaming. But TSM-entity players – Jonathan and Klachthagod – were killed in the initial fight.

In the final match, Fanatic was in the center of the safe zone. In the second last zone, Sol and Hydra were knocking each other out. Furthermore, PH and Godlike were engaged in close combat inside the building near the school.

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