TV or Books?

So let’s resolve this “TV is better than books argument.” It is a mindset that books are way better than television. Sit all day on your couch, indulge in reading a book and kudos, you become an intellectual person.

And if you sit on that same couch all day, watching TV, the sad news for you is that you are either a lazy man or a couch eater!

That is what we have heard all our lives, right? And it is somewhat proven to be right as well.

Books make you sound and look so much more like the smarty pants rather than watching TV does. I mean, watching Two and a Half Men (by the way the show started to suck after Charlie died “in the show of-course”) will definitely make you a couch potato (for the people around you, I mean).

It is similar to the fact that eating a lot of sweets will give you cavities and is harmful to your beautiful skin as well. Yet, on the other hand, you are good and healthy in all ways if you sustain from eating sweet (and reading books).

Books are known to boost your intellectual level and watching a lot of tvs is likely to kill your brain cells right? Like all those brain cells that make a book-worm are murdered!

But why is it presumed so? Or why is it true? If you are a big fan of House MD, does it make you less intelligent? I get to learn a little about a lot of diseases (which I have never heard about even) from this serial. Plus I get to learn fluent sarcasm (even more). Or does Games of Thrones make you any less of the nerd?

And similar is with books. Not all books are made for boosting your mind’s intellect! For example, did Twilight series do anything to make you smarter?

Or do vampire diaries help you become more of an intelligent person?

You see, it is much more ahead then just classifying TV as bad and books as good.

Solving TV is better than books argument With Science

So let’s just science do the talk because our lame logic won’t work in this tech and the science-oriented world, will they?

Science and Television:

In 2013, a study was held in Japan, in Tohoku University which studied the effect of television on student’s brains, along with the time they spend watching it.

They also looked into the long-term effects that it brought along.

There have been endless studies that revealed how TV affected children in a negative manner.

It affected their mental and physical abilities and activities and development etc. like TV became the ultimate bad guy in the entire picture.

TV actual got the bad guy reputation.

But there wasn’t any talking about how TV could actually help in brain development in children. Sad, right?

The studies in 2013, done in Japan, revealed the fact that children who watched a lot of tvs got their aggression level grow stronger and thicker.

The parts of their brains which are linked with the arousal of aggression grew a lot. This lowered the verbal ability, turning those kids into more of karate kids.

I mean they prefer moving their hands and legs to express their aggression rather than their own mouths!

That made it more clear right?

The more hours your kids invest in watching television; their verbal test-ability becomes lower.

This result was shown regardless any gender difference; this happens to men and women both.

So before you decide to make your kid sit in front of the television to keep him out of your household chores and your rest time; make sure that you know this-you are turning him into an aggressive person (even when you don’t have intentions to do this).

Science and Books:

In 2013, another study was done on how books impact your brain development. The students of a college were told to read Pompeii by Robert Harriss.

This book was assigned to students because it had a strong story plot and narration. So yes, it was better than Twilight and VD.

After they were done reading the book…the results actually showed us that our mindset is quite right.

The connectivity of the brain with the language of the book increased and the activity in the sensor monitor region of the book also rose.

Moreover, it had great long-term effects also.

Reading books keeps your mind alert and also decreases mental decline in adults.

And if you have a lot of stress going on in your life, books are the savior.

They decrease stress level at almost 68-70%.

The risks of Alzheimer’s also decrease by 2.5%.

Books Vs TV, so who wins?

At the end, yes our mindset is accurate. The only thing that we lack is logic.

We don’t have an answer to give to anyone when they ask us why books make us smart and television doesn’t!

It’s not like you need to cut off watching TV.

I can’t go on without watching comedy shows and some serious ones like House MD. I seriously can’t.

But there are days when I don’t watch anything as well.

Yes, I prefer books over TV a lot and that is why maybe, I am a smarty pant.

So anyways the main point is you certainly can watch television but make sure that you don’t watch it too much or for constant hours.

Similarly, know which types of books to read.

I mean, get out of vampire series books and grab something more inspirational ones; like have you read Forty Rules of Love? The thing is to know what you have to read and what you have to watch and for how long, simple as that!