Tyler Butt’s journey to self-development, philosophy, botany and getting better

The untested is not entitled to life.

Not the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and the words you usually expect from 23-year-old athletes.

Calm, considerate and thoughtful, his outlook on the life of WWE superstar Tyler Bate refers to his years, barely hitting the ground by what we see on TV.

Far from the bright light and humor of the UK WWE that can be seen on the brand’s NXT UK platform, analyzing and refining from self-discovery, relationships, and everything, a constant journey of self-discovery B that fits the rich tapestry of life.

Emphasizing limelight at a relatively young age, waiting for a limited air time around a character bigger than life, WWW, being a land of opportunity, chewing and aspiring many superstars can make him unable to adapt to quite a surreal work environment.

Although Butt admits that he is living a dream life, there is much more to him than just his existence and what ultimately defines him. You understand that helps his work line.

“I’ve felt over the years that I have a slightly older head on top of me, I’m an older soul,” he explains to Sport 360 from his home in the UK.

“I think it comes from having a passion for life and wanting to enjoy the simplicity of life to the fullest.”

Butt discusses the need to focus on things that are essentially ‘you’ and the traits that you already develop that can often prevent you from pursuing new things.

His self-awareness is clear.

“I think people get so caught up in the role and the stuff that they forget themselves. People are so occupied by doing so, they ‘don’t’. The part of ‘being’ is just stopping and looking good in the mirror, good looking inside yourself.

“Check your life, see what you like and don’t like and do something about it.”

This self-reflection and constant evolution has manifested itself in a variety of ways, starting with his diet, towards his training and finally towards wrestling.

This notion of being one’s own is often not well-received in professional wrestling, with most of his contemporaries portraying a character who is somehow bigger than life. Tyler Butt, however, paints a picture of Tyler Bet. And he’s more comfortable than that.

With the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, he currently finds himself in a lockeddown in the UK away from our TV screens, but is using a lot of time to discover.

He learns to play the piano, and also draws a eucalyptus, he will read and meditate, or nature will only provide the context for his entertainment – he remembers being fascinated by the process of catching, wrapping and eating spiders recently flew home

“I consider myself very lucky to be on the more private side of the economy,” he says. “I didn’t have to fight for money, I got food and a house and played a lot to keep my mind and body moving.

“I don’t get bored because I just sit and meditate when I feel bored. I can get out of anything without doing anything. “

Being a vegan for both health and conscientious reasons is an important part of Butt’s life.

He admits to knowing a little about it at first but pays more attention when some of his closest friends become vegan.

“My best friend had become a vegetarian before me, and at the same time went to vegan Pitt (associate WWE superstar Pitt Dunn),” he explains. “Before I learned about veganism, I was not for or against it. I did not have the information so I did not have the right to make a decision or comment on it. ”

“Animals have an environmental impact and vegetarianism can prevent and reduce it. There are also closer moral aspects to the issue. People have dogs but have failed to see connections with other sensitive animals, I don’t think it’s fair to base some understanding on how determined they are.

“There are also health benefits that people can talk about by lowering cholesterol. A lot of people talk with more energy, feel a lot lighter, and the more you apply these to me, the less you can ignore the sound you learn. “

Despite his feelings, Butt is not one to impose things on others.

“I’ve made it clear to people that it’s a completely unique diet, what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. I will always be in favor of veganism but I will never tell anyone that veganism is right for them and their health. “

Training of butts to go hand in hand with diet.

He will be seen in powerlifting a long time ago. Transferring some serious weight for his five foot seven inch frame. He made his body weight up to the mid-90km, but came down to the lower decade after another competition of self-reflection, focusing on quality muscle mass and functional gain rather than not being able to move heavy weights.

Those days of power lifting were quite exciting on her Instagram account – progress in lifting heavy weights can be addictive but her feed has turned into a much more spiritual feeling.

Butt explained, “It wasn’t a conscious decision I made, it was a change of personality.” “I was posting lots of stuff about training and the gym because it was a huge part of my life and I was very interested in it, but sometimes people’s emotions change.

“The thing I often wrestle with when it comes to powerlifting and lifting heavy weights is not really sustainable. My body isn’t really getting too many chances to recover, I’m just asking my body a lot and it can only give so much.

“Spirituality is so vast and infinite, the things you can learn are very interesting. I started reading more about philosophy and returned to the more spiritual side of things.

“I try to be as efficient as possible in various aspects of using my body. Everything from flexible to explosive. Even common things that people don’t like in general coordination and balance. “

And so does the WWE. While many are interested in championship reigns, merchandise sales, talk show appearances and becoming the ‘face of the company’, Bate usually reflects his reasoning for being in business.

“I want to be involved in something that people always care about, regardless of my role;” He said. “Whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy, a tag-team wrestler or a singles wrestler, whoever wins or loses, nothing really matters to me as long as I play this character. This is my goal with wrestling as a whole. Winning the championship would be great, and I would love to, but that’s not all I have and in the end.

And that seems to be the healthy truth around Tyler Bate. Be your best version, make the best of your best bits, be a critic-thinker, keep evolving, enjoy life for what it is and be a good person – and much more.

This is not a lesson that you are often taught by a 23-year-old pro wrestler, but of course we can all learn something from it.

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