UAE seeks fifth boss since March 25 after dismissal of Ivan Jovanovic for non-playing games

The UAE has begun looking for its fifth permanent coach in three years Ivan Jovanovics The short-term deal ended with no match being played.

Jovanovic, 57, signed a six-month contract in December, replacing Bert van Marwijk, after being upset with the Dutchman’s World Cup qualification in the second round of the 2022 qualifying round.M Golf cup The two-time former Al-Nasser strategist, however, saw cancellations in March and June due to coronavirus.

This week a new national team committee of the UAE Football Association has proposed the dismissal of Serbia. A statement from the Steering Committee announced that they would sign in place of “coming time” Al Khaleej magazine has added former White Midfielder and Arab Gulf League champion Abdulaziz Al Anbari to Sharjah’s 2018/19 affiliate.

In a statement on Monday, “The UAE Football Association thanked Ivan Jovanovic and his teammates for his efforts with the national team, wishing him success in his next move, praising him for his good cooperation and sincerity during his tenure.”

“The decision was made on the basis of the recommendations of the Football Association’s national team and technical affairs committee.

“The Football Association’s board has appointed the ‘National Team and Technical Affairs Committee’ to sign new technical staff to lead the team in the coming days.”

The United Arab Emirates has decided to welcome Malaysia on March 26 and travel to Indonesia five days later. At this early stage, the two of them were scheduled to come home to Thana and Vietnam in June.

The coronavirus’ and its profound influence on the football calendar – and all aspects of society – were suspended by the AFC last month.

It placed the Whites fourth in the group wins and five points for the leaders Vietnam, though a game is at hand. Only the first place is guaranteed to improve in the third round, followed by four of the best runners-up.

Jovanovic left his post after overseeing January’s training camp.

Following the end of Mahdi Ali’s five-year rule in March 20di, foreign successors have followed a revolving door. Former Argentine tactician Edgardo Bauza sailed for Saudi Arabia in September 2018 after failing to reach Russia in September.

Former AC Milan boss Alberto Jacqueroni will then depart after a semifinal defeat to the January 2019 Asian Cup ground. Van Marwijk, the final bout of the World Cup Twenty20, was loose.

The UAE only qualified for the tournament in Italy in the 5th.

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