UAE team ‘Alexander Christoph looks to past success’

When you walk into Alexander Christoph’s house in Stavanger, the Tour of Flanders trophy is the only compliment that sits on top. A great bronze sculpted trophy resting on the left side of the dining area, right next to the kitchen. She sees it most days and it makes her smile.

It’s been five years since today, but it feels like yesterday when he lent Nicky Terpstra on the line to win the 270km hurdles race. His best wins and one of the most prestigious ODI races in cycling.

“It’s a beautiful art item with a beautiful bicycle made of bronze or iron. That means it’s part of the reason for going up,” he told Sport 360.

“I have all these pictures to look back in my living room. I remind myself every day that I had this victory. “

With all the downtime caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, various sports stars have the opportunity to reflect on today’s achievements and evaluate their next goals.

Fifteen years as a professional rider has been a great day for Christoph. A total of seventy-nine won. Lots of great memories and lessons dotted in the midst of those countless victories.

During his recent rest week, Christoph stayed at his home in Norway with his family. The view from his veranda, with long r climbing mountains, gives him peace and joy.

Living in the coastal town of Volen, in the southwest of the country, offers the opportunity to train outside all year round. Stavanger receives ice once or twice a year compared to most cities around Norway

“It’s like England or Scotland. It could be a week or two of snow. Except for one week of the year I can always go on my road bike. This is a great place to train. Five degrees and rain isn’t pleasant, but it’s better than snowy roads anyway, ”the 32-year-old said.

“We have roads, there is a good difference where you can go to the mountains or the plains along the coast. I usually like to go to the mountains as there is a lot of wind on the coast. “

When he gets off the bike, Christoph spends three days a week managing weight in his home gym, rather than just once a week during the racing season. She likes to keep ticking, maintain her fitness and feel strong away from gin.

Scheduled with a pre-season-based program, he struggled through the gym’s 90-minute workout before going out of session with five rounds of 10-minute break training on the bike.

Outside, he tries to do two or three sessions per week, takes his road bike a few days and uses the thick tires of his cyclocross bike to navigate the snowy roads during the winter months.

“I’m a little more on the bike than I usually do in the off-season. In the off-season, I usually ride two long bikes two days a week. I like that the CycloCross bike wants to change it during the winter. Now I am always riding a road bike. We also train bikes on easy days. I’ll take the jug in the winter, too, “said the Norwegian.

“I feel that this training is better on the feet now than in the off-season. I was expecting to get leg pain from all the gym work but since I have a lot on the bike, I think the legs are quite smooth so I am happy with it. “

Feeling fresh feet is ideal, when the racing season starts again, inject some sharpness for it. Seeing a glimpse of his accomplishments over the years shows many memorable victories, some of which most drivers dreamed of.

For any sprinter, the rare Christoph, who has won more than 20 races in a single season, achieved this glitter during the 2015 campaign and has reached the top ten in five of the last six years.

The recognition of becoming a top sprinter is largely due to his spectacular speed and the optimal results of long, strenuous races. Men separate boys from men. Average from sports titles.

He won in Milan Sanremo, won three episodes in Ghent-Waveljem, the Tour of Flanders, the Tour de France, and finished second in the World Championships. He reigned supreme at the European Road Race Championships, the Hamburg Cyclastics, the GP Plue and the Eschobaron-Frankfurt, the next of which he has won four times in a row.

“The most memorable for me was the Flanders trip. I think this is my biggest win and the way I traveled that day. Sunremo was the first I won. It was surreal, I was standing on the stage knowing I had won a monument. These two stand, ”he said.

“My last stop on the tour was the biggest place you could win at the Champs de Elysees. At the top of the podium during the ceremony stood unreal where they were crowned the overall winners of the tour. It was a special feeling. “

Throws different challenges and opportunities each season. However, the ultimate goal always remains the same. Press as hard as you can for the best team in the team and you can be the one to cross the finish line of victory if you are lucky.

He has come close this season. In the first race, he finished second in the Clasica de Almeria, took first place on the Volta La La Comunitat Valenciana stage, and struck the third seal at Kourne-Brooksels-Kourne.

On the Grand Tour front, he is going to run in the Giro d’Italia for the first time since 2012. Participating in the 2011 and 2012 editions, he ran for the third time in Italy’s most prestigious competition. Giro’s cancellation means he will have to wait until the end of the year to test his theft against Peloton’s elite.

“I never won there (Giro) because I was young, but I finished second in 2012. I was hoping to win at Giro too but we’ll see what happens this year and if they change the race plan now. Since everything is mixed up,” he said. Said.

“We have to find the best solution for when or when we start racing again. I have to be ready for the classics after which if they come later I can be ready for the (Paris) Roubaix or the Flanders (Tour of the Tour) Flanders in October. At least I hope there will be races. “

Some drivers improve in their 30s while others burn out due to the rigors of professional games. Travel for eight months of the year can be psychologically tested, taking steps behind the natural due to family life and other interests.

There’s plenty of racing on his feet for Christoph. She still loves it. Yet he believes he can continue. His contract with the UAE team in the UAE expires at the end of the 2021 season and he is expected to move higher.

With two kids on the way and two more boys, most of the towels will now be thrown in the gin after 15 years. However, he is determined to continue his efforts for the betterment of the Norwegians.

“I am still hopeful of becoming a cyclist for a few more years. I like to stay in the cabin with family. I have a lot of work to do with four kids. I will always be busy teammates and Norwegian boys really in stocks and markets. That’s what I want to see in my spare time. “

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