UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gatje

UFC 249 rescheduled this weekend - with brand new co-core event“/>
UFC 249 has been rescheduled this weekend – with a brand new co-core event

As the old saying goes, if you don’t succeed at first, try, try, try again. UFC 249 – which was originally scheduled to take place on April 18 in Brooklyn, New York, and then in Lemur, California – is now scheduled to take place this Saturday, May 9, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Due to the Kovid-1p epidemic, the card has changed dramatically in the last month. Originally titled the long-awaited lightweight title clash between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, the show will now be the title of an interim title fight between Ferguson and top contestant Justin Gaitje.

The rest of the card also saw a lot of changes. The ongoing epidemic, which has caused chaos around the sports world, means the show planned for this weekend looks even bigger than the Scraped Lemon Show.

Fights like Rose Namjunas vs. Jessica Andrade, Michael Johnson vs. Khama Warthy, and Marlon Vera vs. Ray Borge have now been removed, but the card has had several interesting fights, including the Bantamweight title fight.

Since the Lemur show has been deleted on such short notice, predictions and articles for many fights already exist.

So, you can find my forecast Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gothze, Francis Nagnau v. Zyrginho Rosenzarik ik, Jeremy Stephens vs. Calvin Cutter, Greg Hardy vs. Jগrgen de Castro, Uria Hall vs. Ronaldo Souza, Vicente Luke vs. Nico Price And Ryan Span vs. Sam Alve Click on the embedded links.

This article will deal with new additions to the card instead. Predicted Outcome for Additional Fighting Schedule for UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gotze.

# 1 UFC Bantamweight Title: Henry Sejudo vs. Dominic Cruz

Dominic Cruz has been out of action since December 201“/>
Dominic Cruz 201 has been out of action since December

In most cases, how it really is is anyone’s guess, really. The current Bantamweight Kingpin Henry Sejudo – TJ Dilla defeated Marlon Moraes last June to claim a zero title – he was ready to defend his first title against Jose Aldo in the UFC 250 this Saturday.

Aldo’s choice as Sejudo’s first rival was itself shocking; Sure, the Brazilian MMA is a living legend, but he lost to Mores during his 135 lbs debut – admitting that controversially – he lost. Still, the fight will be a strong title for the UFC’s planned trip to Brazil.

Of course, with what was before the Covid-1p epidemic and we are now getting another wonderful title fight with the trapped Aldo of Brazil. Somehow, without fighting since December 2011 – and not winning since June 2011 – the former champion Dominic Cruz Instead Pegudo has been pegged as a challenger.

It would be an understatement to call the decision ridiculous; New fans of the promotion can only recognize ‘Dominator’ as a color commentator and that’s not like the lack of competitors at 135 lbs. For example, Alzheimer’s Sterling has a 4-fight winning streak and is ranked # 2, while Peter Ian has never lost 6-0 in the UFC and is ranked # 3.

Whether the UFC decided to go on a cruise rather than one of the two – or whether Sejudo requested a fight with the big name – is a question mark. Either way, we’re getting the fight and hopefully it won’t hold the division for long because of the Covid-19 issue.

Then who will win? With all honesty, the amount of time the cruise ship is spending is just hard to find in Sejudo’s past. Sure, The Dominator spent a lot of time off the shelf, but it didn’t last long.

He lost 35 months of his career between October 2011 and September 2014 due to various injuries. He then spent another 1 month before returning in January, and it’s true that on both occasions he came back looking fantastic. His 2014 comeback shook Tekia Mizugaki in the first round, while his 201-year comeback gave him the Dantron Danshow that he never lost the bantamweight title.

But this time he’s gone crazy for 40 months, more, he’s 35 now and he’s probably gone beyond his athletic prime. If anything, he was seen in slow motion in the last fight, a dramatic loss to Cody Garbrand.

The problem for Cruz was that his steps and movements were his greatest strength in his prime. No one got much of a handle on how he would turn inside the octagon and he was able to catch opponents in strikes and taketowns that they could not easily expect.

In 2020, though? Years of injury have probably added to them, and his increased age will probably reduce him too too if he no longer moves in his prime, it is not at all unfair to suggest that he will not be the same fighter.

There is another caveat when it comes to this fight; In the 2008 freestyle wrestling, Olympic gold medalist Sejudo will face the biggest wrestler ever. ‘Messenger’ actually tends to hit harder than wrestling in his most recent fights, but Morris discovers – his strong techtowns are always on the back foot and his land-pounds can be ruthless.

Cruz’s wrestling is probably the most underrated aspect of his game; He almost threw Demetrius Johnson, for example, and comfortably surpassed Uriza Faber and Joseph Benavidez. However, Sejudo will be on a completely different level, and it is very unlikely that we will see him down to ‘The Dominator’.

Overall – despite the lack of personal animosity – the fight that reminds me the most is why Tito Ortiz’s first clash with Shamrock was in 2002. In both cases it shows a monster champion at the very top of their game, seemingly improving in all cases at a rapid pace, as opposed to a former great who has now become the past of his chief and who has been seriously injured.

Incredibly, Shamrock – who felt like an old man fighting at UFC 40 – was just three years older than Cruz is now. And of course, Ortiz has just destroyed ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ in ruthless fashion – shows up at once and waits for no time.

I see no difference here, and I think this fight will be as one-sided as it was. I’m also taking Sejudo through the second round of survival – and I doubt Cruz Angry will hang his gloves well when everything is said and done and hopefully will soon be associated with the UFC’s Hall of Fame.

Pick: Sejudo via second round TKO