UFC News – Dana White saves Dominic Cruz’s Bantamweight title shot against Henry Sejudo


Retrieved 26 April 2020, 00:20 IST

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Dominic Cruz

At UFC 249, Dominic Cruz The former UFC bantamweight champion will return to the octagon for the first time in almost four years as the governor gets a chance to reclaim his title from the champion. Henry Sejudo.

Dana White defended Dominic Cruz’s title shot

In the main event of UFC 249, Dominic Cruz will be competing for the first time since December 2017, as his first defense in the vs Wet Championship will be how former Bantamweight King Henry Sejudo will rule the title.

Despite being dressed like the likes of Peters Ian, Aljamin Sterling and Jose Aldo in the UFC Bantamweight division, many fans believed that his first fight in almost four years was not worthy of a cruise cross in the title shot.

But UFC President Dana White thinks otherwise, as she told ESPN that Dom Cruise is still one of the best fighters in the world and that the former UFC Bantamweight champion is still seen as one of the best despite the injury problem. (H / T: MMA Junkie)

“He is still one of the best in the world. He is one of the best in the world. He is a man who has been incredibly injured throughout his career. However, he is still seen as one of the best in the world. ”- White said ESPN On Instagram.

When is UFC 249?

UFC 2499 is scheduled for May and Tony Ferguson and Justin Gothji will be in the running for the Interim UFC Lightweight Championship. The card will also feature features like Francis Nagnau, Donald Seron and Michelle Waterson among other notable names.