UFC News – Dana White says he received the event May 9 “all but made sure” but it’s a costly matter

  • White said he was back at work and arranged everything with ESPN
  • He also mentioned that he was not being stopped this time


20 April 2020, amended IST

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Dana White

UFC President Dana White The fight may be lost with the shelter of UFC 249, but the UFC will return again on May 9 to ensure that they reach whatever extent the spectacular line-up of fights for the show are canceled due to the anticipated ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

The coronavirus epidemic brought the world to a standstill and no well-known sporting event is taking place anywhere in the world at present. But White is the first game to return to MMA and this is also hell-bent on the UFC. White was also ready to go forward with UFC 249 on April 18, but was asked by ESPN and Disney top executives to stand up and close the event.

You can’t keep White and the UFC for long

White, however, is not the type of person who is downstairs after being hit. The UFC frontman is ready to kick off the promotion now with a new card ready for the proposed surprise on May 9. The card will feature three title fights and plenty of top draw fighters, to fulfill Wyatt’s promise to give UFC 249 “the worst card in UFC history.”

While appearing on Kevin Harvick’s show on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio, White said he was back at work and resolved everything about hosting the May 9th event with ESPN even though it was going to be a very expensive topic. He also mentioned that he was not being stopped this time.

“I was told by my partners not to do the event [at ESPN]I respect who I am, so I did it. I gave them a weekend away and I’m in the office right now. We’re back here. Was working I have a date on May 9th now. Listen I’m not stopping. I got this thing out. It is very expensive and I am interested in spending money to do it. “

Published on April 16, 2020, 23:55 IST

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