UFC News – Eddie Alvarez Connor McGregor Defeats Tony Ferguson


Retrieved 28 April 2020, 00:21 IST

Confer McGregor (left) vs. Eddie Alvarez from UDFC 205“/>
Connor McGregor (left) vs. Eddie Alvarez from UNFC 205

The former UFC Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez No strangers Connor McGregor, Lost his title to ‘The Infamous One’ in a cross-view of the historic UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Back at the start of the year, McGregor is likely to be in favor of a possible showdown against undefeated Tony Ferguson, and according to Alvarez, the Irish will be victorious in the fight against ‘El Cuquier’.

Eddie Alvarez thinks Connor will beat McGregor’s Tony Ferguson

In a recent interview with Score MMA’s James Lynch, Eddie Alvarez explained why he thought Conver McGregor would beat Tony Ferguson in a possible showdown between the pair, adding that ‘The Underground King’ would also like to see the former champion. Fight at one stage of the Gaitje light. (H / T: BJ Pen)

“I think Connor will take Tony away. I want to see him fight Geithje, but I’m far from believing that he beat Geithje, but I want to see him fight. I still want to see it. I don’t like the style matchup with Khabib for him. I don’t think he has enough experience in this state to overcome Khabib at any moment. “

For his next fight at the UFC, Tony Ferguson will face Justin Geithz in the main event of the UTFC 249 Intermediate UFC Lightweight Championship, scheduled for May 9.