UFC News – ‘The Lion’ Amanda Nunes will be on den May


Modified April 21, 2020, 03:58 IST

‘Champ-Champ’ Amanda Nunes

So it turns out that this will be a lesser title fight behind the UFC’s 1st supposed card. Amanda Nunes Took his name from the card.

The card is scheduled for May 9th at an unannounced venue now, but insiders think it will be in Florida along with other events until the organization feels “Battle Island” Ready or NSAC Gives a Concession to Return to Vegas.

Dana White All the fighters have stated that they are not needed and will have no response if they do not feel safe fighting during the epidemic. “Lion” He did not completely say that he was scared of the virus that has taken countless lives around the world. But what he said was that he likes to fight after he has passed the coronavirus so he can go to a full training camp. He probably went to tell in June.

With Nunes being dragged, what’s next for Felicia?

Nunes wants to fight Felicia Spencer and feels that she deserves a shot at the 135lb title. Not just now So where does this leave “FeeNom”? Currently without an opponent. The 29-year-old was undefeated in INCATTA and has gone 2-1 in the UFC. Now with Bellator, with Cyborg; Getting a shot at running back his only loss does not exist.

The real female featherweight division bites them again without getting anything from the UFC. Although only two and a half months have passed since Felicia has struggled, a whole department will certainly help.

Yes, they can sign someone to a fight agreement. Yes, they can ask Holy Holly The balloon has to be back up to 5. So Spencer can very well see himself parked up.

No matter her reasons, you can’t blame Amanda for feeling like her. But if Dana wants to make this card a huge bang, it takes a lot of light from the card. Tony Ferguson And Justin Gathje There will be a war. Co-Maine is on rough ground Dominic Cruz 135 did not fight after taking off the strap Cody Garbrand, And the beginning of it is fragile. So it looks like we have to see if May 9 is even.