Updates on The Undertaker’s official retirement and WWE’s possible plans for him


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 06:36 IST

The Undertaker had one more run left.“/>
The Undertaker had just one run left.

The Undertaker: The Last Ride is one of the best documentaries ever made WWE’s Released year after year and it’s all about Mark Calway – the portrait of the man behind the iconic treatment

How the general theme of the documentaries has so far focused The Undertaker Wanted to retire for many years, but he always came back more and more.

The Undertaker then started aiming for the WrestleMania XI against Roman Reigns after 33 matches, but as we all know, the end of his legendary career has not been marked.

Phenom WrestleMania 3 was part of the incredible Boniard match against AJ Styles and it looked like the future WWE Hall of Famer might have finally decided to leave it. However, what was it really?

Sportcida Tom Calhu And Corey Gunj talked about The Undertaker’s retirement in the latest edition of Dropic Discussions Podcast.

Tom Calhoun mentioned that The Undertaker had been trying to retire for almost ten years, but the company somehow managed to bring him back to the right.

According to Tom, the WWE expects the Boniard match to allow the Undertaker to make a final run before he can improve his career. WWE officials would like his final run, but in the end the decision rests with the Undertaker.

Tom added that so far, The Undertaker had not officially retired.

Here’s what Tom had to say about Undertaker’s status:

This may be for the fans but it means it is not for the Undertaker aker you have to consider the Undertaker has been planning his last match for almost 10 years. He said in the documentary that every time he came out, they started pulling him again and just after the Roman Reigns match, he played a casket match in Saudi Arabia with Rousseau and Aiden English, both of whom are no longer in the company. It was good to watch the casket match, beat both of them, it was good to go out but he decided to go ahead.

The WWE hopes that with the format of the Boniard match, it will allow the Undertaker to make one last run before being fully called, but what the Undertaker should do next is reliable. So at the moment he is not officially retired.

A final run for the Undertaker?

WWE is teasing another showdown between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. Almost all indications point to the company Save Somewhere along the line, the two veterans matched the usual in-ring.

The Undertaker has been doing a lot of interviews recently breaking the character but there may still be enough of him left in the tank for a final run on WWE TV.

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