USA Network, Fox and WWW Wild Card Controversy (Exclusive)


Retrieved 13 May 2020, 18:30 IST

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United States, Fox and WWE

On this Monday’s RAW, there were rumors that WWW would announce the return of a minor form of wild card rule – a policy change that came later. WrestleMania Last year that allowed superstars from RA and SmackDown Temporarily appear on alternative brands.

The original incarnation of the Wild Card rule was not widely popular. Wrestling fans felt that they were seeing the same face every week, that the big names in the industry were often added to their schedules in very different places, and that less-used talent was basically scattered under the blanket and forgotten.

July 30, Sportskida Report The wild card rule will be rolled up silently, ensuring appropriate brands for the time being. Living series Pay per visit.

The WWE Champion has never received an official announcement from RAW Draw MacIntyre A brand vs. brand invitational creates a reference. The champion must be invited Baron Corbin Over from SmackDown for a match that will appear next week.

Additionally, Charlotte Flyer – whose brand is the subject of much controversy, however, was announced on SmackDown. We are not currently aware of any invitations being sent to The Queen hashtag.

The wild card rule officially ended in October 2019

Sportskida can now exclusively report that the current incarnation of the wild card rule is the subject of heated debate between the United States and the Fox Network and the WWE itself.

The USA Network has been encouraging people to return quietly since the Wild Card rule was rolled out, they feel it limits access to big stars across the brand.

Additionally, certain network executives are dissatisfied with the limited use of 24/7 headlines that they made helmets themselves, now it is in the possession of both a single brand and someone who is not on TV and probably can’t make it back.

Members of the Fox team, eager to see more drafts in the future, are clearly disappointed with the return of the wild card rule that the SmackDown rating has yet to see a major push during the current epidemic situation.

There is a concern about the ad that Wild Card rules give to the USA Network, especially given that Fox was known to be dissatisfied with their final roster after it was drafted in October. That was one of the reasons Alexa happiness And Nicky Cross Move on and off Eric Biscoff His executive director role.

As part of them, the WWE believes that the reintroduction of wild card rules will stabilize ratings. Cassidy-19 saved the initial plans for the WrestleMania Shakeup post, and during several planned NXT moves, WWW Creative is looking for new stories and new faces to keep the stories fresh and open up more variables for more cinematic matches in the future.

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