VAR drama sees Spurs home, Anderson bends Botham, Saints gamble on Williams

  • Manchester City and Tottenham may be in lockdown right now, but they served an all-time Champions League classic a year ago.


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Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente celebrates with manager Mauricio Pochettino

April 7 is a date that will live on in the memory of Tottenham fans for their team to claim the Champions League win for the last year.

Five years ago, James Anderson became England’s leading wicket-taker in a Test match – and he certainly wasn’t done there.

And, with the coming of the NFL Draft, we have been able to look back at the great Ricky Williams gambling of the 1999 and New Orleans Saints.

Here, we focus on those memorable sports moments that happened to this day.

2019 – VAR Heartbreak for Sterling and Guardiola

If the first leg of the quarter-finals of the All-Premier League between Tottenham and Manchester City coincided with a Qazi craft in north London, returning to Manchester after eight days was nothing more.

Rahim Sterling overcame City’s first leg deficit in four minutes, but Son Huang-min, who scored in the first fight, quickly hit a double, needing three unanswered goals for the visitors. Bernardo Silva and Sterling were two points in the middle of the first half by

An hour before the first tie, with Sergio Aguero Pep Guardiola’s men leading 2-2 at night, only to bundle Fernando Lorenti into an alternative decision and to survive the VAR review for handball.

The video official was not so helpful to the city when Sterling thought he had completed a hat-trick during the stoppage, briefly spreading scenes of delusion. Hill was offside in the build-up to Aguero and Spurs Away surpassed the goals, with the overall score locked at 5-1.

Tottenham defeated Ajax in a dramatic situation in a similarly dramatic situation before defeating Liverpool 2-1 in the final – Jurgen Klopp’s team took home Trophy winner City Premier League glory.

2015 – Peerless Anderson passes Botham

Anderson marked his 100th Test match in style, prompting Dinesh Ramdin to get up for the first slip on the last day of the first Test against England’s Antigua in the West Indies.

It has taken the Lancashire pacer to 384 scalps in the longest format of cricket, leaving great Ian Botham as England’s best-known bowler in the process.

The West Indies were able to draw, but Anderson has continued that number in a great career.

Now with 5 test caps, this 37-year-old man has 5 wickets – more than any history investigation.

Anderson’s wicket cost an average of 26.6, and in his latest Test, he claimed the 23rd wicket against South Africa in January.

1999 – Ricky Williams trade

Ricky Williams entered the NFL Draft of the 5th after setting an NCAA record for rushing tickets with the Longhorns – an effort that put him in the Heisman Trophy effort.

New Orleans coach Mike Ditka was determined to get his man and went to extraordinary range to secure Williams as the fifth overall pick, with the Washington Redskins picking him every single trade.

Williams and Ditka were well-known as brides and grooms on the front cover of ESPN Magazine, with the headline “For Better Our Wars.”

In the end, the Saints battled for 3-10 seasons and the gambling backfired as Dita was sacked.

The Cleveland Browns number one pick for Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch. Couch was one of five signal callers selected with Donovan McNabb, Achille Smith, Daunte Culpepper and Cade McNeown in the first round.

Of this mixed bag, McNabb enjoyed the most successful career – the six-time Pro Bowl, reaching the Super Bowl in 2004 with the Philadelphia Aggies.

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