Vettel will be out in 2020 to prove he is elite, but can leave the F1 later


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 17:54 IST

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Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferris after the 2020 season

A genius of Sebastian Vettel generation, he can prove that he is among the elite in the 2020 season, but his former teammate Sebastian Bordeaux thinks he can leave Formula One.

Four-time world champion Vettel, who ran alongside Bourdieu for Toro Rosso in his debut season in 2003, will leave Ferrari when his contract expires at the end of the campaign.

Carlos Sanz has been signed to replace him at Scuderia, Daniel Ricardo has agreed to leave Renault and take the place that will leave the Spaniard’s seat in McLaren vacant.

Renault appears to be Vettel’s best realistic option to continue his F1 career, although Mercedes team chairman Toto Wolf says they are considering the situation.

As the season progressed, Boundes backed Vettel to make itself a big offer with its on-track performance, delayed from March to July due to the coronavirus epidemic.

However, if the 2021 car is not right, then the 32-year-old German will no doubt leave us

He told Stats Performer: “I think when you win three or four titles, you’re part of the elite of your sport so he left a mark on his generation.

“I don’t really know where he’s going but his spell with Ferrari will end at the end of the year and I think he’ll still be encouraged to show that he’s still part of the elite, so I think he’ll produce a season that gets him back on track and Gives him new opportunities.

“Honestly, I can’t really stay in his shoes, because I don’t know his state of mind, but if he has a chance to be in front of the grid, he will definitely make sure of it.

“But if a good car can’t be found, I’m not going to drive it.”

He also described how his teammate Bourdieu was like to Vettel: “He was a young wolf. It was his first full season in Formula One … but he was already very fast, he showed how goal-oriented he was and he was very talented. . “