Vic is the first overall, Bayern batter Porto


Changed April 21, 2020, 11:30 IST

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Michael Vick in his rookie season

Michael Vick entered the NFL 19 years ago on Tuesday, a quarterback that was considered so talented that the Atlanta Falcons traded him in the 2001 NFL Draft to prevent him.

The Ladenian Tomlinson’s Future Hall of Fame was also drafted on April 27, 2001, and record-breaking quarterback Drew Brice joined the San Diego Chargers.

Bayern Munich showcased one of the most devastating first half of Champions League history, when Philip Humber scored the third perfect game in the history of the Chicago White Sox.

We take a look at the major events that took place on this day in previous years.

2001 – Vic becomes the new Falcons quarterback

Vic played 20 games at Virginia Tech’s college, but the Falcons saw enough of second and third-round selections and wide receiver Tim Dwight to take over the Chargers’ hands.

In six seasons with Atlanta, Vic was named to the Pro Bowl three times, twice taking the Falcons to the playoffs. However, in 2007, Vic admitted financing a dogfighting ring and was jailed for 23 months. Upon release, he played for the Philadelphia Aggies, retiring in 2017 after massaging with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Chargers spent their first pick – fifth overall – running behind Tomlinson when they captured Bryce in the second round, though it was with the New Orleans Saints where he would make his true debut as the elite quarterback.

2012 – Humber’s perfect game

White Sox pitcher Humber’s MLB record was just 5-2-2 and he could not finish the game when he came to the Heat against the Seattle Mariners.

The eleventh-most perfect game in MMB history, joined by the likes of Hamburger Si Young, Sandy Koufax and Roy Halladay, across 96 পি pitches.

Famous US President Barack Obama’s renowned actress Humber finished with nine strikeouts, while other batters retired with five groundouts and five flyouts.

2015 – Bayern Batter Porto

Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich were on the verge of losing to the Champions League 21-5-15 in the quarterfinals when they lost to Porto 3-1 in the first leg.

However, back in Bavaria, they scored a five-time opening goal in the first five minutes, turning the tie on their heads to a 4-0 victory and reaching the final four – winning by four goals.

Guardiola’s old team will beat Barcelona Bayern in the semifinals, though losing the Juventus to the final lifted the trophy.