Vidal ‘very happy’ in Barcelona in Interlink


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 04:46 IST

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Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal

Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal insisted he was happy at La Liga club in contact with Inter.

The 32-year-old is aiming for Vidal Inter, where he could reunite with former Juventus head coach Antonio Conti.

But Chile International, who have a contract at Camp Nou until 2021, said he was happy to be at Barcelona.

During an Instagram live chat on Thursday, Vidal said, “I am very happy and comfortable in Barcelona, ​​of course I want to continue.

“I’m happy, I have a good group and I have great friends in the dressing room.”

La Liga is set to resume amid a coronavirus epidemic that was suspended in March.

Vidal says he is ready to go with Barcelona after winning the La Liga title and the Champions League crown.

The midfielder said: “Physically I’m feeling much better than before. I’ve never had time to prepare myself in all my career.”

“I have made a plan to maximize my career as much as possible.

“I feel ready for what is coming, both the Champions League and La Liga.”